Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I'm not dead....yet

I made an 83.5 on the last exam. Whoo.
Next exam in three days on very subjective material.
We'll see how it goes.
Spouse was home for 12 days on vacation, got 0 studying done,
was deathly ill most of last week, dragged all over three counties
because he was bored, ended up buying a Troybilt chipper/shredder
and a 3.5 cuft concrete mixer. The possibilities are endless.
Teen Queen is down, acute bronchitis that is flirting with pneumonia.
And I still haven't done the taxes.
Life is starting to pile on.


Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a chipper, very useful for getting rid of unwanted house guests.
It's not like you have any trees in that part of texas for the manufactures suggested use of chipping tree branches.


BW Bandy said...

Congrats on the test. We knew you could do it.

Volfram said...

Meanwhile, I got paid $30 to browse Amazon today.

No seriously, boss wants to decorate some rooms at the store, sent me looking for posters.

Critter said...

Huzzah on the test!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the test, good luck on the next, prayers for you and the crew for your health....

vaquero viejo

Stretch said...

Freeze the body before feeding it through the chipper. Other wise it'll clog.
And rinse both chipper AND mixer with hydrogen peroxide.

Anonymous said...

Your lucky spouse likes small lawn and garden stuff. I have heard stories of cranes with 40 foot boom in front yard. These are toys to some guys