Wednesday, July 23, 2014

III Patriot Society: Strength in numbers

Okay, yeah, I'm a little late to the game on this one, but I had good reason. I've been a little whackadoo lately. But now I'm focused and serious. There has been much written by wirecutter and Kerodin on this, so I'm not going to re-plow the fields they've already sown. Go read wc's HERE and Kerodin's HERE.
They explain the purpose and focus of joining the III Patriot Society, they explain the character of those involved, Sam even gives you an easy button to assist in your joining. What I'm going to do is break down the numbers a la Sally Struthers. 

I'm sitting here sipping my $1.61 Big Fuck You Bloomberg Tub of Coke and thinking. I get one of these a day, average $48 a month. That's four Colonial memberships or two Minuteman memberships on a monthly payment with $8 left over for fun and games. I'm giving up Cokes for Liberty. What can you do without? What is your freedom worth to you? What is your family's freedom worth? Is the III Patriot Society going to stop the erosion of our Rightful Liberty in it's tracks? Not on it's own, but it's another arrow in the Patriot quiver. It's another means, a very powerful means of getting our voices heard, our point across. But one voice crying out in the wilderness won't do it, we need numbers to be noticed. We need to stand together, we need to focus our efforts, we need to organize our resources and use them efficiently. And coming together in a group legally recognized by the government is probably the best way to do it. You know the old saying, "Fight fire with fire"? We're lighting that fire. May it ever burn brightly

I'm putting the link to the III Patriot Society in my blogroll. Please consider if your Liberty is worth $20 or even $10 a month, click on the link and join with us. 

Achmed likes the fancy girls

Awww, time goes so fast

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It really is that simple

David Copafeel, or feeling myself up

Okay, I know this is something we ladies have noticed in the men around us. Under the guise of "adjusting themselves", a nice little adjustment turns into a 15 minute grope fest. Especially if they're sitting there watching tv.
Here's the confession, I was just sitting here watching The Wheel of Fortune and eating popcorn (yes I know that's not a decent dinner), dropping several kernels down the front of my tank top into the well between my titties formed by a high dollar push up bra. Still watching the tv, I go in after them, sweeping between my boobs and bra cups to get the little crunchies out. It wasn't until the commercial break that I realized I'd spent the last 5 minutes feeling myself up. You know what? Boobs are fun to play with, I'm not sorry, and gentlemen, continue fondling your nuts. It's all good.

A monument to Wiserangel


When your gun fits your hand so well, 
you can't tell where you end and it begins.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The meaning of Militia

I lay on a pile of cow crap and nettles, peering uselessly through weeds growing on a wire fence. I am unable to see more than 12 feet into an open field. Prone, my neck and shoulders hurt as I crane hoping to see far enough so that I can have some warning of advancing forces. I am sweating out buckets, soaking my Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), boonie hat and underwear as thoroughly as if I had been caught in a thunderstorm. My neck is developing a sunburn because, like an idiot, I failed to put sunblock into my kit. Baking in the sun, unable to see anything, feeling hot, bored and useless, I remember why I left the Army . . .
Rewind a few months. I am very concerned about the lawful lawlessness of Federal State and local governments. Legislation and regulation seem to me to be oriented to favoring the fortunes of politically connected persons and groups rather than the general benefit of all citizens. What they do is legal, but it is immoral.
The dustup between Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management really focused my attention as it made an abstract argument for overbearing government concrete. On one hand, it is clear that Bundy has dug his heels in and is ignoring the rulings of the authorities – he is on the wrong side of the law. On the other hand Bundy is the only rancher in the area left after years of management by the BLM – an agency supposedly empowered to manage land for the benefit of everyone, even ranchers. I think the Feds are morally wrong and the fines and penalties unjust. Unjust laws ought not be complied with.
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Mom got a Participation Trophy


Yeah, I guess you can kind of get an idea of my general attitude and frame of mind from the creative title. Things have kind of ganged up on me to kick my ass, both literally and figuratively. I got up last Monday and realized I didn't have anything left, I was tired down to my soul, but life wasn't finished.

We had to put the Cute Chicks back on Abilify, one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. It's poisoning their little bodies, we have to have frequent testing for liver and kidney damage, but there are no other viable options. Teen Queen becomes violent to others when she has a meltdown, which are more frequent without the calming drug. Baby Queen becomes violent to herself when she has a meltdown. And I get beat up mentally and emotionally trying to prevent them from hurting themselves and others. I just couldn't keep going, so I pussied out and put them back on Abilify. And cried for two days. I'm so sorry, girls, I feel like I failed you.

And that was pretty much the beginning of my meltdown. I failed the chicks, I'm a failure as a wife, a daughter, a woman, and sometimes even a Patriot. I'm just feeling overwhelmed, so many people are depending on me to keep things going; my folks, the chicks, friends, family, on and on. Part of my problem is a fear of vulnerability, I don't want to show weakness, so I gut it up and keep going. And I'm a people pleaser, I have no idea how to say "no", so I keep saying "yes" instead of "fuck you". This is starting to sound whiny, so I'll close it

I'm not dead, just a little crazy. I've been sleeping with Prince Valium and living in Xanaxtopia. It's nice here. Peaceful aside from the crazy ass technicolor dreams. (The other night, I was at a blogger party, had to leave and was running around hugging everyone and saying goodbye. Couldn't find wirecutter and Miss Lisa anywhere and had to leave without a goodbye hug and was pissed off. Went out to my truck and drove off hauling an Over The Rainbow parade float covered in Munchkins. Valium is weird.) I'll try to get the few ducks I have left in a row and get back to being me again. Please be patient.



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Absolutely best parody ever

The people who need it most, won't uderstand it at all.

Thanks to balloon for the link.

Meanwhile, in Angel's shower....

For anyone interested, HERE is the tutorial that walks you through the project. You know, if you need help.

You'll recognize that pic and know that's not my actual shower. My tiles are sandstone and my box is clear. The important part is that your box has a waterproof gasket around the lid. Oh, and make sure the closures are on top and not on bottom. I made that mistake and dropped an unloaded .38 on my toe. I didn't read the directions.

Angel, the Later Years