Thursday, September 18, 2014


Something that's been pretty scarce around here lately. It seems like there's always one more crisis, one more bit of bad news, one more loved one with a death sentence (Fuck Cancer). When the folks went on vacation a few weeks ago, we puppysat Snoopy for them, and I handled their travel arrangements and hotel reservations. Things went screwy, as they always do, and I somehow lost them on the Vegas Strip at 10 pm after they'd been driving for 10 hours. I got them back to the road their hotel was on, and they overshot it. Three times. The last time, I heard my mom exclaim, "Bill!" and the phone went dead. It was about midnight my time, I hadn't showered yet, and the girls were going to be up in a few hours for school. So on the verge of tears, not ready to be an orphan, I got ready for bed praying the whole time. Tried their cell one more time, straight to voicemail, so I called the front desk of their hotel, not really sure what I was going to ask, but determined not to blurt out, "I've lost my folks!" I calmly ~cough~ explained the situation and inquired if they had managed to check in. The desk clerk, bless her, told me that they had indeed checked in and would I like her to ring their room? YES! So hearing their voices and sure they were safe and sound, I tucked them in and went to bed.

My eye started twitching that night and hasn't stopped. Some days it's barely noticeable, some days it's like an epileptic morse code operator. Last night it felt like a strobe light. But today is a really rough day, digesting the latest news that a dear friend and Teen Queen's Godmother is facing terminal breast cancer and facing my own mammogram in the morning. And I get a lovely surprise package. My folks sent me a Thank You Pig. I'm smiling every time I look at him.

Thanks mom and Poppy, love you beyond words!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

That can't be good

We're getting used to it

I fucked up ~ mea culpa

In my post for Steve and Rose Vanderhoff, I had his Paypal posted incorrectly.

So if you were trying unsuccessfully to Paypal, it's my fault and not yours or Paypal's. I can't apologize enough for this, and hope it hasn't screwed up too many people.

Thanks to Brother Pilot for bringing this to my attention.

Well, I do have apples

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Civil disobedience

Okay, it's going on 4 weeks of school and I have yet to turn in the Cute Chicks' registration forms. Even though I get daily calls from Administration and notes from their teachers, I'm just not that motivated. As a matter of fact, the more they push, the less compliant I feel. Why? you may ask. Well, I'll tell you...

First, they've gone to schools in this district since we moved here in '99, lived at the same address, had the same phone number, God, I've even had the same momvan; but every damn year, I fill out the same damn forms, and I don't understand why they can't save it, print it, send it home for corrections if needed. I spend the better part of a day filling out forms I fill out every year.

Second, the main form has gotten ridiculously intrusive in a year when 30,000+ illegal alien kids are attending school with no personal records at all. Not only that, but the school districts are REQUIRED to admit them without any info and aren't allowed to ask for it. However, I get harassing phone calls and notes, the latest of which informed me that "without registration information, your daughters will not officially be registered students of *ISD and will be considered truant. Please return the forms filled out  in entirety to be legally compliant." FUCK. YOU.

When we started here, the basics needed were shot records (don't get me started), birth certificate (you know, legal citizen), and proof of county residency. That was it, and you're in. This year, I filled out FIVE federal forms on race, citizenship, migrant status, homelessness, and school lunch qualification. Each one required Social Security Numbers for both girls and guardians. How do illegals do this? And the main registration form, the one I'm disobediently holding, requires SSN, legal address, mailing address; my SSN, and the make, model, color and license plate of my vehicle plus driver's license number if I plan on driving on campus to drop off and pick up, their dad's same info, and the car info and DL number of any friend or family member who could ever possibly drive their vehicle on school grounds. So far, I'm holding out on all the driver info, none of their fucking business, and SSN numbers. When it comes to race, I leave it blank to cause more work. At the bottom of every form asking for race, there's a note informing you that school personnel will "observe the child and make an assessment of race". I'm so tempted to send them to school in black face.

So, my protest, as soon as every illegal alien "kid" provides this info with all their illegal alien family members' driver info and SSNs, I'll come into compliance.

Fuck Obama.

Oooo! A cookie!