Monday, July 28, 2014

Super coolio!

MacGyver only WISHED he had these in his golden locks.

Marketing, you're doing it right

Hey, La Raza, NO!

Next time you hear some cockamamie bullshit about "stolen lands" and repatriating the Southwest to Mexico, gently remind them that they were beaten, they ceded the lands for a few million American dollars, and 90% of their citizens chose full citizenship of the US rather than relocating to the new boundaries of Mexico. Ironically, this was the first case of amnesty.

Is that a rifle cozy?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sorry I'm late again...

I just can't seem to find the C.L.I.T.T.

Can't wait to read y'all's comments on this one...

Fun and games with Liberal babes

I haven't had this much fun in ages. Got a link in an email from wirecutter about some lib chicks with their knickers in a twist over his Chelsea Clinton baby bump post (HERE). Their ringleader took exception to a little good-natured ribbing (remember all the "jokes" they used to tell about the Palin ladies?) of the Clinton progeny, and dragged out the most upscale insult in her arsenal. She called our wirecutter a "cretin". Now if you read the definition of "cretin", you realize that it's just a $100 word for "retard", ironically one of their pet causes. "Don't Use the "R" Word" campaigns started cropping up a few years ago, headed by lesbian extraordinaire, Jane Lynch. Wonder when the "Don't Use the "C" Word (cretin, not c**t) campaign will be launched?

Anywhoo, if you're bored and want to engage the enemy on their turf, wc has the link at Cretin. Have fun, don't feel compelled to play nice.

If more people taught their kids this lesson

Sharing. What's mine is yours. Here, I'm not through with it, but since you want it, you can just take it from me. It's wrapped in the cloak of "morality" and "generosity", but what it does is teach "entitlement". I grew up in the age of this bullshit, had it shoved down my throat in school and Sunday school, but my folks fought hard to counter this indoctrination with "There is a line where generosity becomes compulsory and that's socialism." God, I love my folks. They taught me that what was mine, was mine, and it was up to me to decide if I wanted to share it and with whom. Simply because someone else wants it doesn't mean I have to give it to them. If I was done playing with something, if I just felt benevolent, I could choose to share my belongings. But the key word here is CHOOSE. When society compels you to give something of yours to someone else merely because they WANT IT NOW, well that's when you start teaching kids socialism. And a host of other undesirable qualities.

This mother explains in total perfection why this is a dangerous lesson to be teaching our kids. If you have young children, are grandparents, teachers, any contact at all with young minds, please read this.

I don't agree with the approach of the mothers in either of these situations. I think it does a child a great disservice to teach him that he can have something that someone else has, simply because he wants it. And I can understand the desire to give your children everything they want; we all have it. But it's a good lesson for you both to learn that this isn't always possible, and you shouldn't step all over other people to get these things.
Furthermore, this is not how things work in the real world. In your child's adult life, he's going to think he's owed everything he sees. This is already happening in the next generation. I read a fascinating article about how today's teens and 20-somethings are expecting raises and promotions at their jobs for reasons like, "I show up every day."


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