Thursday, July 2, 2015

A quick poll

From the beginning of this blog, there has been the Naughty Corner and the threat of spankings if y'all misbehave. A couple of days ago, one of you asked if being spanker/spankee was negotiable. Well now. I have always believed that it was MY Naughty Corner, my paddle, I would be the one to wield it; however, this brings up an interesting topic of conversation, and my mind has been pondering being the spankee.

In short, if I were to get Dennis to divert his attention from fine custom holsters to a less wholesome craft, say making a III% leather paddle, which of you would prefer to be spankers and which would prefer to be spankees?

Mind you, the paddle may become a reality; I'm quite taken with the idea of a nice leather paddle that would leave a "III%"  on someone's creamy white tuchus. The paddling is mostly hypothetical.


Who are my spankers? And who are my spankees?

How all blondes feel about redheads

This would happen to me straight

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bittersweet memories of Muppets

Just saw a promo for the new Muppet Show this fall on ABC. Oh man. Memories. When the original debuted in my pre-teen years, I would rush home from school and catch it on CBS at 3:30. I saw the original Muppet Movie (classic, check it out) so many times I've got it memorized. Low these many years later, it's one of the Cute Chicks' favorite movies. Teen Queen calls it "the fork in the road" movie. If you've seen it, you'll understand.

My first crush on a musician was Floyd Pepper, bass guitarist for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem and Animal's keeper. He was sooooo cool, you just knew he was a bad boy, did naughty things, and he was safe for the Good Catholic girl because he wasn't real and could never impregnate me. Yeah, my relationships with men is pretty messed up. But just look at him in action:

Anyway, the voices of the muppets are all wrong. I know the voice actors are doing their best, but it's just not the same. And that's bittersweet. RIP Jim Henson

It's extra fucky today


I'm having a very Meh day

I'm looking at pics to post, and nothing is jumping out at me. Meh.
I'm reading news stories and commentary, and nothing is moving me. Meh.
I've scrolled through my Facebook feed for the cute, wild, wacky or delicious. Meh.

I think I'm just emotionally burned out, mentally spent, physically exhausted. I'm just hanging on for a better month. Hopefully July will be that month.

Wirecutter, the early years

One word, two letters, big consequences