Friday, May 22, 2015

I miss Jennifer Grey's old nose.

And we paid how much for this shit?

I've got to start doing this

A little package of self-adhesive google eyes and a bit of creativity....

How Jennifer made Honor Roll

Without basic spelling skills.

Last name "Licker"?

She is sooooo over it

Still a better love story than Twilight

Wirecutter's trip(s) to the doctor

Dragon's First Ever Memorial Day Sale

Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks has just announced his very first ever Memorial Day Sale. 
It runs from 00:00:01 on May 25 to 23:59:59 (Eastern time, adjust to your time zone), a full 24-hour sale on every item in the Dragon's Hoard. All items will be at least 5% off, and items that are already sale priced through his distributor will be an additional 5%. For you math challenged, that's at least 10%.  Now this is only on the items in the Dragon's Hoard (see portal in side bar), not the custom leather goods. He's generous, not stupid. 
So go check out the Hoard and celebrate Memorial Day by supporting a Patriot business.