Friday, January 30, 2015

With great power comph great rephonphibility

The Redhead Drinking Game

Something I've noticed the last few weeks is a plethora of gingers on tv shows and commercials. I swear, in one prime time hour last night, two shows and 12 commercials, only one commercial was lacking a redhead. It seems commercials are more prone to prominently display redheads, and shows will have at least one or two ginger extras for "color".

So the game is this, drink for every redhead you see on screen. One drink for background gingers, and two for primary gingers. And if you see a show or commercial without one? Write down the name of the show or product and send them to me. I'll handle it.

Okay, y'all, don't let me down

What questions would you ask of the fine folks at Auburn?

Derp on Ice


Smile at me. Compliment my appearance. Hell, you can even ask to touch my boobs. That's NOT discrimination, that's human interaction and it's a beautiful and natural thing. The REAL war on women is happening in the Islamic world. Let's stop man-bashing and start working on serious issues.