Friday, December 2, 2016

Sensory glitter bottles

These are great take-alongs for young kids and ASD kids, timeouts and cool downs.
Easy to make, they can help which gives them a sense of ownership.

Don we now our gay apparel....

Military Dads: Level Awesome

I remember having tea parties with Poppy, having him put my hair in dog ears
before my softball games, painting my toenails when I had my wisdom teeth
removed and woke up with a broken jaw wired shut.
He helped me rehearse my first tap dance routine.
We'd watch old Gene Kelley movies together; he loved Guys and Dolls.
He was so proud of me when I got Adelaide in the high school musical.
Nothing was too girly, too froofy, too embarrassing.
Oh, he also taught me how to overhaul an engine, wire a house, snake plumbing,
hang drywall, and field dress a deer.

So much for discreet packaging

What are we going to do today, Brain?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tomorrow is laundry day

Laundry was one of my chores growing up.
I absolutely gagged when it came to my brother's tube socks.
They were so stiff they could stand up. 
Mom told me it was because he had "athlete's foot".

And this is how I died

I'm not even that fashionable

Usually, I just drive up to the school and kick the girls out of the momvan.
But on the rare occasions I'm required to speak to their teacher,
I can guarantee you I'm wearing SpongeBob pjs and monster feet slippers.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Autism Parenting Magazine

For my readers with a loved one or friend with a loved one on the Autism Spectrum, there is something available that I would have sold my mom's kidneys (both of them) for: a magazine devoted to raising kids on the Spectrum. When you're an Autism parent, you not only don't have the instruction manual to the standard model kid, you don't have the manual to the specialized version. You feel lost, isolated, scared, frustrated, and a whole host of other emotions; and you have really no resources other than the exhausted and equally questioning school staff, medical personnel who rely heavily on prescription drugs to manage any symptoms you bring up, and if you're really lucky, a support group of other special needs parents. But it's usually a really small pool of support.

This magazine, as silly as it sounds, kind of normalizes (for lack of a better word) the Autism parenting experience. It broadens the pool of knowledge and support, gives a quick reference to a world of research, resources, therapies, and common experiences. It is something that would have made a huge difference in my life when I was up with the Cute Chicks at 3 am, given me something to read while they were dismantling the VCR and breaking eggs on the kitchen floor.

So I hope this will help some of you find a little comfort in the middle of the night.

Autism Parenting Magazine

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

WiscoDave gets a new dog

Meet the Japanese tanuki.
Raccoon dog. 
Native to East Asia, they're members of the canine family even though
they strongly resemble raccoons.
Companionship and family are very important to tanuki.
They're generally monogamous and live in small close-knit groups.
Male tanuki are very nurturing to their young and have a reputation
for being compassionate partners and doting fathers.
Tanuki are the only canines to hibernate during the winter.
Again going with community and family, they are communal hibernators,
hunkering down in groups.
Tanuki feature prominently in Japanese folklore as Bake-danuki,
or Monster Raccoon Dog, a shape-shifting monster.
In the past couple hundred years, the tanuki have evolved into
more jovial spirits bestowing good fortune and prosperity.
Generally depicted with a bulbous belly, massive scrotum,
and host of goofy facial expressions, he is often seen carrying
a sake flask and a promissory note of unpaid bills.
(Sounds like some of my relatives.)

And believe it or not, the ginormous scrotum has nothing to do with
virility or sexual prowess, even though Japan is kinda kinky like that.
The story dates back to 19th century metal workers who wrapped gold
in tanuki skin before hammering it into gold leaf.
The tanuki skin was so strong that a tiny bit of gold could be
hammered thin enough to stretch across "eight tatami mats".
Because the Japanese terms for small ball of gold (kin no tama) and 
testicles (kintama) sound so similar, the image of the satumi
with large testicular area came to represent good fortune 
and "stretching one's money". And because bake-danuki 
represent prosperity and economic growth,small statues are frequently 
found at the entrance of Japanese bars and restaurants, 
bidding customers to "come in and don't be stingy."

Malaysian Airlines has renovated their home Terminal

PC killed humor