Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I learned how to fight a long, long time ago

Not my fucking job: Foreign Edition

Good question

Is Sam Christian Hyman Kerodin and his wife Holly?!

The reporters of the St. Maries Gazette-Record can't find
a trace of them in Benewah County.

A private investigator couldn't find a current legal address.

My lawyer, who'd love to depose both of them,
can't seem to locate a current phone number or address.

But Sam seemed to think it was a good thing to publish my
name and hometown on his blog for his three readers.

Wish I could return the favor.

And some things stay the same

There has been much said, and most of it was comprised into one handy post by wirecutter a few days ago, about Kerodin's antics. Antics is really to cutesy a word, but it's what came into my head. The one thing I wanted to point out was the difference between Kerodin and his bootlickers and wirecutter, Wisco, George Patton, and JC Dodge as well as the rest of you. The Kerodin camp can't call themselves honorable in any way shape or form. Go down the list, mark off all the traits you personally embrace and put X's next to those you know they have repeatedly shunned.

Stunning difference, huh? The most glaring difference is in the treatment of women. To my knowledge, other than calling Holly Kerodin "Nervous", not one  has attacked her verbally in the way that Kerodin and his lackeys have attacked the wives and female friends of Patriots, myself included.
The despicable names and insinuations made about Miss Lisa, Mason Dixon Vixen, and myself continue to spew forth out of their vile mouths like sewage from an overloaded Port-a-Potty. They truly have no shame, and no sense of honor. You know without a shadow of a doubt, that they'd fight like cowards and hide behind women and children to save their own skins. In the days of our Founding Fathers, they would have been called out to the Green for a duel of honor; but rest assured, Kerodin and his ilk would have been the type to draw and shoot you in the back as you turned to pace off. Cowards and scum.

But really, and now I'm talking to the ladies here, what must go through Holly's mind when she knows how low and indefensible her "man's" words and actions are? How would you feel if you heard your husband or boyfriend spew the kind of vile vitriol that K does about good and true women? How disgusted would you be? And really, what does that say about Holly that she not only tolerates that kind of disgusting behavior from her "man", but she condones it? I know, if I heard my husband attack another woman with the kind of filth he's thrown at Miss Lisa and MDVixen, his ass would be in the doghouse until he issued an apology. Someone who can thoroughly disrespect a woman he doesn't know can't have much respect for women in general. 

So, next time you see Kerodin and his buddies make hateful statements about women, just understand that they are honor challenged. They don't have a clue about how to be a True Man; and they don't have Good Women like Miss Lisa and MDVixen to back them and hold them to higher values of Honor and Chivalry.

Pity them. And know that they are truly grateful the Art of Dueling died long ago.