Monday, August 31, 2015

I've been using them all wrong

The truth will always come out

I think the Patriots have spoken loud and clear.

Getting in the Halloween spirit

The wreckage was picked clean by college students

"losing" not "loosing"
Some of the best memes are ruined 
by grammatical and spelling errors.

Well, that just sucks monkey balls

Had my appointment this morning. I was all excited, the bleeding and draining had all but stopped, and I was absolutely sure I was going to be released to go on my merry way. But NO! Dr. Janet, in her tiny but capable hands, found a deeper pocket in my muscle. Samples were taken, and a decision was made. This is too big a project for a diminutive country doctor in a little rural office. So she's shipping me off to the big city of Amarillo for a surgical consult, and more than likely surgery.

Depending on how large the sac is and how deep the second pocket is, I may be able to get away with a local anesthetic and in office surgery. If not, it will be BSA Day Surgery and the full anesthetic treatment. I hate going under. I've got all the whackadoodle issues for which redheads are famous. We are more susceptible to pain (for some odd reason, we have more pain receptors) and are less susceptible to anesthesia. We require more of everything. And it sucks because it's almost as hard coming out of it and it was to put us under.

So yeah, September already sucks, here's a montage of puppies and babies to take our minds off of it.

Big Bad Wolfman

Bettie Page and Lon Chaney
Before anorexic models and photoshop,
there were real women. 

It's enough to make you cry

I hold no animosity to those who, because of true illness, injury or other unforeseen challenges, find themselves in need of help. No one plans on a debilitating accident, a serious illness, birth defects, etc. When it happens, you do the best you can, and sometimes that means filing for benefits. For most, it's a temporary state until they can get back on their feet. But for others, it's become a profitable way of life. It's this mentality, not the "I'd love to work, but can't" but the "I can work but shouldn't have to", that is crippling this country.

~shamelessly stolen from SconsinRick's facebook page.

If Monday had a face