Wednesday, August 27, 2014

If wirecutter had a son

And then becomes shit on the savannah

Really?! ~sigh~

The best Ice Bucket Challenge. Ever.

The other entitlement class

Someone asked me why I said I wrote my "Gratitude" post with "mixed feelings", and the simple reason is that I didn't want the message to be highjacked by a bunch of racist bitchings. I think we all know the welfare entitlement class is pretty much equal opportunity. We know examples of white welfare mooches with bad attitudes. It was just at that particular Walmart on that particular Saturday, the majority was black and Hispanic. Go to one of the other Walmarts in that town, and you'll get the African, Middle East and Indian welfare contingents. By far, the rudest and most abusive of the entitlement classes come from the northern African and Middle East countries. I could start a whole new firestorm by identifying the majority of these folks as Muslim (and I wouldn't be wrong). But the focus of the post wasn't race, it was the pervasive culture of entitlement that has grown in this country. When you don't see the source of the income, when you aren't personally involved in the work that goes into earning the money, you have no appreciation for the sacrifice. You cease to see the source of the benefits as the hardworking, taxpaying men and women of this country, and you substitute the government as the source. The money comes directly to you from the government, a non-entity who doesn't sacrifice hours away from family in order to earn the money that covers your EBT purchases. You don't have any sympathy for "the government"; you don't care about anything but getting your free stuff, forgetting that it isn't really free.

But now I want to talk about the other end of the entitlement spectrum, the privileged entitlement. As aggravating and enraging as the welfare entitlement class is, it's the privileged entitlement class that scares the bejeesus out of me. The first are The Takers, the second are The Plunderers. The welfare class votes, but who gets their votes? You got it, The Plunderers. Barack Obama is their King. He set the Gold Standard of Privilege Entitlement without Production. The man literally did nothing his entire life but show up, and now he's the leader of the Free World. That's a serious Oh Shit moment. These people started with the Gen Y's and Millenials; the spoiled, entitled kids of the upper middle to upper class who grew up with little real discipline, earning Participation Trophies, and being told they were exceptional for just breathing. Their parents provided the best of everything, requiring nothing in return. Best clothes, cars, schools, vacations. And all for being born to the right family. No wonder they feel a bloated sense of entitlement. No one ever held them responsible for anything. They showed up en masse a few years ago in OWS protests, sporting designer clothes, drinking Starbucks and blogging about Evil Capitalism on their MacBooks while claiming to be the 99%. Please. They are embodied by entitlement queen Sandra Fluke (rhymes with ..... duck), who truly believes the world owes her free birth control because.... well  just because. So understand that while the welfare class takes, it's the privileged entitlement whores who rise to power and plunder the working class in order to pay for it all. These are the ones to watch.

So what got me started thinking about this? I spent a few hours in the presence of a Prince of Privilege yesterday. I got to listen to him whine and complain about how selfish and unfair his parents were for pulling their financial support from him. The beasts. They had paid the outrageous tuition and fees for their little Prince to attend University of Texas last year, and he showed his gratitude by partying and flunking out. He also got into trouble for MIP (minor in possession) and DUI. They hauled his happy ass home to the Panhandle and laid down the law for the first time in his over privileged life. He had to get a job this summer, first of his life, and being the unskilled idiot he is, all he could land was a spot on he county road crew (pardon me while I snicker here). It was "humiliating, beneath him and his talents", he launched into a 30 minute rant of THIS was why illegals need to receive amnesty so they can do this kind of menial labor that is so far beneath him. I kept popping Tums and suppressing the urge to smack him. They also told their Little Prince that he was not getting another dime from them for his education, they also weren't going to co-sign a government loan for him. He was on his own. How horribly unfair! How outrageously shortsighted! Didn't they see his greatness?! Um, yeah, they saw his greatness flunk out in spectacular fashion. So his options came down to trying to find a better job with no skills or attend a community college to get his GPA up to snuff for scholarships. He acted like they were condemning him to a life of mediocrity, and that his future lack of success would land squarely on their shoulders. He had no concept that his future was placed in his hands, and all the results were his and his alone. Mercifully, I had to quit his presence in order to pick up the Cute Chicks from school.

We have millions of these privileged entitlement folks. They are the ones populating the Ivy League schools preparing for their rise to power over the nation. They have never worked a real job, never produced anything, never been allowed to fall on their faces, never been allowed to fail and deal with the fallout. They have no concept of reality, and sadly, most of us know them personally. How did you raise your kids? How are your kids raising your grandkids? How many of you see these little Princes and Princesses in your local schools and communities? Last year, a drunk driving homicide case involving a Prince of Dallas spawned the term "affluenza" to describe the phenomenon of privilege entitlement. It's sadly fitting, and it's an epidemic. So, while you curse the welfare entitlement class, it's the privilege entitlement class you should fear. They're the ones who are going to frame and sign the laws that will bring America to her knees.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wirecutter does arts and crafts

Creative imbibing

The last couple of days have been, well, unpleasant. But got to meet with a good friend today, make fun of fashion, eat some awesome Mexican food, and prowl CVS Pharmacy looking for her elusive hair color. But I love CVS for a different reason: booze. Well, wine.

They always have the wildest and most creative ways to imbibe. And today, I found THIS:

It's one of those cardboard pouchy thingies with a plastic screwcap. Just chill and drink. Don't even need a wine glass. That's taking ripple in a brown paper bag to upscale territory.

Hints of melon and pear, and supposedly three glasses worth. Yeah, right.

And it's environmentally friendly, which is something I always worry about when I'm looking to get toasted.
So, bottom's up! Slainte! Salud! And my Grandma E's favorite toast:
I drink to your health and happiness!
I drink to your health alone!
I drink to your health so g**damn much
I've almost ruined my own!

Geez, dude, are ya blind?!

Yeah, but I can read Braille...

Super cool

Looks like something out of a 19th century science fiction novel.

Pretty sure I had her for 4th grade

Hip hop for math nerds

You didn't build that

A very successful web attracts a lot of attention. Lazier spiders, and spiders with less web-building talent, took notice and promptly started protesting. The Spider Union demanded this guy join and share his wealth with his less fortunate spider brothers and sisters. After a couple of webs' worth of this nonsense, in which he was allowed to enjoy only a small fraction of the fruits of his labor, Mr. Spider closed down his web and relocated to a doorway that was more friendly to hardworking entrepreneurial arachnids.