Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I keep trying to get Wirecutter permanently banned

Wirecutter has been having fun seeing how quickly he can get Fuckerberg’s panties in a twist after being let back on Facebook. I do what I can to help, but I think the FB Gestapo has seen through him and knows he’s harmless. I’ve seen some stuff this week that I would have banned him for, and yet he remains untouched. He needs to up his game.


wirecutter said...

And see, I'm thinking Fuckerberg and his muslim minions know when they're beat.

Anonymous said...

Well according to the Imams there are two options.

They could have sex with it, but your not allowed to eat a goat you raped. So the second option is that they will rape the goat and then trade it for a different goat the neighbor raped. That way each of them got some goat lovin and a meal out of the deal.


Anonymous said...

Steve in KY

Mac said...

Nice to see you back I missed your wit and by the way that there is some funny Sh!t

Johno said...

Hello miss Angel, re that Wirecutter bloke; I've seen several .gifs posted on Knuckledraggin of late, where some lady driver has committed felony stupid, and he has not made the slightest reference about your driving skills (or supposed lack thereof).
I think he may be getting too old to keep up with the snark, or maybe his miss Lisa has been cracking the whip on his back?
Or just maybe he has gone all sweet on you!