Sunday, May 3, 2015

If this isn't III to III, I don't know what is

One of wirecutter's readers has sent a request. It's for very small gestures of appreciation for a good man, a member of the Greatest Generation. A quick note of appreciation, a card, from each of us, from all over America and possibly the world, would mean so mucto this man. 

"I am writing to request your help with a very special surprise for my Father, William Martin Law!  He is being recognized and honored, along with other WWII veterans, on May 16th by the Honor Flight Capital Region in Washington DC.  He will be participating in a very special day that involves a tour of the WWII Memorial along with a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery and a visit to other notable sites on the National Mall.  As part of the day-long adventure there will be a “mail call” similar to what the veterans experienced during their days of service during WWII  -this is a SURPRISE.
Please be as creative as you like, but send it right away as the cards/letters (no bigger than 8×10) need to arrive at the below address by May 8th (sorry for the late request):
Honor Flight CR Mail Call
c/o L. Robertson
3524 Frostleaf Ct
Fairfax, VA 22033
Please include my Dad’s name –William M Law, on the LOWER LEFT portion of the envelope and include the trip date of 5/16/15.


East Of The Pecos said...

Saw this and commented over @ WC's place. It's awaiting his approval.

I contacted the Honor Flight people to inquire as to Mr. Law's rank. He was/is a Corporal.

My letter is addressed to him as such. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

God bless Cpl. Law and all that served alongside him.

Dave In Indiana said...

Wish you'd have posted this a day or two earlier, Sunday evening makes it impossible for me with work hours and the work place being 1/4 the way across the state.
WOWO radio 1190 in the Fort helps sponsor honor flights through out the year, can't help on this one, but I'll kick in to help with the next local flight.
Thanks to you and WC for helping bring attention to this honorable cause. There aren't many WWII vets left and they get fewer every day. If you're going to do something worthwhile in your life, now's the time to do it.