Wednesday, February 10, 2016

And now adding Job #3467

Max the Magnificent has a natural talent for reading emotions. As Jesse in DC commented, dogs are natural empaths, and Max can read Teen Queen like a book. We've had so much trouble with her meltdowns, trying to find the right pharmaceuticals (since marijuana is evil and illegal in Texas) to balance her moods, and training her to sense meltdowns and ask for space. The drugs require constant monitoring of her liver and kidneys for damage, and she goes from 0 to Meltdown in seconds, often too quickly to get help. Nothing has really worked for her. Until Max.

He's able to read her and get to her before she starts the meltdown. He alerts me and then goes to her, pawing and snuffling, snuggling and licking, until she starts petting him. I can actually see the tension leave her body as she focuses on her furry therapist. We've had ZERO incidents at home since Christmas and that is just flat-out amazing. She's still having issues at school, but Max isn't allowed there unless he's a certified Service Dog.

Now we've all seen stories of "Service Dogs" and know that there are places online where you can purchase a "certificate" and vest for $50-100. But I don't want that. I want him to have some training, some legitimacy. So here I go on an Angel Quest.

I've found a training kennel nearby that's just about to complete certification for training legitimate service dogs. We have an appointment in March for them to assess Max's suitability and interview us for the program. The cost is close to $2000, but it'll be covered by a local charity that focuses on mobility and support for challenged adults and kids. We've worked with them before and they are truly Angels.

With full certification, Max can go with Sarah wherever she travels, school or workshops, dances, dates, restaurants, shopping, LIFE. I will know that she's got support, love and guidance. And I trust Max with my baby girl. My precious TQ.

It will require some time and effort on my part, but I'm more than willing. I can't think of anything better for my Spring. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Angel Quest. You are a great mom.

Mr. Miracle said...

GOOD LUCK, you Bad Ass LADY you! You ROCK, and your young Ladies are lucky to have a Mom like you. Hope you get everything in order and it all works out. Hang in there, each day is a challenge, and remember, there are a lot of us out here pulling for you.

Mark Jewell said...

That is awesome!! Good luck and I'm sure Max will be able to make the grade.

Anonymous said...

remember this..
There was one doggy, smallish, furry faced, sitting on his doghouse looking through the fence at the cars passing.

and this..
I walked the medium dog gauntlet. And there he was. All the other dogs were at the far end of their runs, barking furiously, but he was sitting calmly, ears perked and head cocked, grinning. He was the only one that would come to the fence and let me pet him, and when I went in? Oh my puppy goodness! He played with me, snuggled with me, ran up and down the fence, stopping in front of me saying, "C'mon! Let's go!"

now you know why you found him and why he chose you...

i like this post a lot. have read a few times.. thank for posting it..

livin to ride

gotta go dry my eyes now

Anonymous said...

Obviously he was made for her and someone sent him your way knowing you needed the help.


hiswiserangel said...

Thanks, you guys, you always make me smile!

Livin', darlin', here's a special hug for you.

pdwalker said...

oh, what a gift!

NorthCountry said...

Angel check out Freedom Service Dogs Inc. They rescue dogs from shelters and train them as service dogs then donate them to those who need a service dog. They may be able to het help on the training or have good information.

Anonymous said...

Man, it sounds like adding Max to the family was something meant to be. I hope Max continues to help your family out.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. My wife has had a service dog (guide) for 7 years and he's about to be retired (mine now lol). She'll be getting another. We've met many folks with service or therapy dogs. These animals are absolute life savers and God Bless the orgs that foot the bills, spend the time and do the training. Good on you for steering clear of the certificate mills and getting the pup an actual skin on the wall. Dogs are the best people.


Anonymous said...

Max IS my hero....if you need any additional funding....well, I'm here.....

vaquero viejo