Tuesday, May 9, 2017

And then there was Prom...

I am so sorry I've left y'all hanging for so long; it seems like this month has continued the constant Angel Attack that April started. Bathrooms are still in flux waiting on the hall bathtub that had to be reordered because they ordered the wrong drain hole. Classes are still going strong. Actually CLASS. One, singular. But damn. The assignment Saturday took 4.5 hours to complete, and the last section of it was a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants effort. I seriously didn't have a clue about where to get a clue. But the bullshit is strong with me and I got 20 out of 20 points and a lot of nice compliments.

And then there was Prom.

I'm always prepared for any outcome.
  • TQ wants to go, but doesn't want to get dressed.
  • TQ wants to get dressed, but doesn't want to go.
  • TQ gets dressed, we go, she has a meltdown and we don't get out of the van.
  • The world ends in a fiery cataclysm.
Fortunately none of that happened. We got dressed, went and met with the busses, and headed to the venue. Most of the Prom goers travel together on the big Greyhound team busses, but that's just too much for TQ; we go in the momvan before they head out.

Two years ago, it was held in a "hacienda" in Borger. Last year, it was held in a barn northwest of Amarillo. WAAAAAAYYYYY northwest of Amarillo. Took 45 minutes and many turns down caliche country roads to get there. This year was not much different, but easier to get to. A party barn northeast of Borger. I ran over two snakes and had to wait for a herd of antelope to cross the road to get there.

Here is our Prom Princess arriving:
Begonia Pink chiffon halter with a bedazzled sash of her choosing.

Let's talk about that sash for a minute or two. The dress is pretty but plain, no bling, so I let her pick out a sash at David's Bridal (these ladies need two huge hugs and a lot of bravos, so sweet to TQ). She immediately went to the sales table, very much her mother's daughter, and picked out something that looked like if Elvis and Liberace had a love child and that love child got a BeDazzler for Christmas....

The price tag said $498, the discount was 75%, which still made it ridiculously expensive. We got it to the checkout and the floor manager knocked another 50% off because "it was two seasons ago." I don't care, I'll take it.

When the kids arrived, they walked down this long wooden walkway, I'm guessing what the bridal party walks down when they have weddings out there. We let all of the others go down before we started; suddenly, a young man comes running back, offers TQ his arm, and asks if he can escort her in. He not only walks her down, he walks her into the barn and over to the table where he and his friends have saved her a seat. Cry #2.

Let's talk footwear. There were ropers, sneakers and flipflops.
The only pair of red CFMs were on one of the young men.
He lost a bet.
This was one of the coolest venues I've seen for one of these things. The interior was country chic, eclectic hanging chandeliers from the wooden rafters, BBQ for the menu, and a DJ who played country and rock for the dancing. Now let's talk music. There wasn't any rap, hiphop, jungle boogie. There also wasn't any new Nashville what the hell is this "country". There was Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr, Hank III, Willie, Waylon, etc. Music you can two-step and waltz to. And yes, these kids can dance.

TQ isn't the most coordinated, but she loves to dance and she had plenty of opportunities. The young man above spun her around the dance floor a couple of times, and the Woo! girls made sure they included her in their group dances. The Woo! girls, if you need explanation, are those fun-loving, high-spirited girls without dates who aren't wall-flowers. They dance together or alone in a group, and you can always find them by following the "Wooo!'s"

We got there around 7ish and lasted until 10ish. She ate, she danced, she laughed. She had a blast. I can't believe this is her last Prom. She's 22 this year and legally out of the school system. We've got a post-school program lined up starting in August, and between now and then we have Graduation. Next week, we go to the Art Room and get her cap and gown. The graduates-to-be will put them on and do the traditional Senior Walk through the High School, Junior High, and Elementary schools. We'll see how she does with that, but yes, there will be more pics. More happy TQ face.


Matt LBS said...

Sounds like the perfect prom. So happy for her! So happy for you too!

Bobo the Hobo said...

Glad she had a good time!

Steve_in_CA said...

Wonderful for your daughter and kudos to the young gentleman who was so chivalrous.

wirecutter said...

God Bless Texas.

I'm glad she had a great time and I'm very glad your town has such great kids. Youngsters like that give me hope for this country again. Again, God bless Texas.

Alexander said...

You are a good mom.

hiswiserangel said...

I know, right???? I actually knew all the words to all the songs!!!!

The people, especially the kids the girls have grown up with, are the reason we've stayed here. I've never worried about them being bullied or left out.

hiswiserangel said...

Alexander, I'm just a mom. Not a superhero, I put my bra on one boob at a time. But thanks for the compliment!

Eric Richardson said...

Most assuredly your place in Heaven is secure.

Anonymous said...

good to hear she had a good time.
and the other kids including her is great. you are so lucky ..

this post actually made my day

livin to ride

now i'll head over to wc's place

Anonymous said...

there isn't much perfection in life...but that prom nite was damn close....what a great bunch of kids, what a great kid who escorted her in...and yes, what a helluva MOM you are Wise Angel One!

vaquero viejo

Anonymous said...

Angel, thank you for sharing such a GOOD time that your sweet girl had. Too little good stories and times these days.
I enjoy coming here to read about how you are doing so don't stop writing. And do it more often if you can. :)

Cederq said...

I am glad your lovely daughter had a grand time and I think you had a measure of pride and envy that she was the queen of the prom. You are an Angel of the first and grandest order!

wirecutter said...

Ah, had to revisit this post. It makes my heart feel good.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like she had a wonderful time, nice going Mom ! Your daughter's classmates are awesome.

RabidAlien said...

Awesomeness!!! Good to actually hear that guys like the young man above actually exist. :)

BTW, snakes are easy, they're only worth like 5 points. Antelope, on the other hand, are worth an easy 35-40 points.

rick c said...

Glad Teen Queen had a good time. Proms are memories kept forever. Looks to me like the sash and dress were just right. And any young Texan who wears his "go to hell" hat to the prom, well, that's just outstanding!

John said...

There seems to be a lot of pollen around when I read the post. Well done.

pigpen51 said...

It makes it worth it when your kids have a great night like that. And it looks like she had not only an amazing mother, but also an amazing group of classmates, who were taught well also. Texas is tops, in my book.

Granny said...

Never worry about leaving us hanging when you are busy with important things like looking after your children.
That group of young people are an inspiration.

Kim H said...

Tears of happiness to view he happiness

TY for sharing

1776vtgmb said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful event with us.
I just pray that these wonderful young adults will
have a country to finish maturing in.
God bless your family!

J Sage said...

Damn, you made me cry. Those damn good kind of tears......God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Good job Mom.

Mark Jewell said...

Ugh, heck of a time for my allergies to act up when reading this and seeing the pics...just pure awesomeness all around!