Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dragon Leatherworks Summer Sale

I am lusting hard for this one.

Now through June 14th (ie: for 7 full days so we can deliver by Fathers
Day) any of the PRE-MADE Valkyrie products on our website will be
shipped free, at a 20% discount from the online price!

Dads...let your wives/girlfriends know what you want!

The list of pre-made, ready-to-sell holsters are here:

THE LINK! No other products are discounted.

We run one sale, once a year. This is it for 2017, and the prices will
go back up at Eastern Time 23:59 of June 14th.

Orders MUST be phoned in to 1-865-483-7100, during regular business
hours: Noon to 7:30 PM MON-FRI, 11AM to 8PM Saturday. We will process
your order right over the phone, and ship the following business day.

We are not advertising this through FB....this is only for those folks
who have us "liked", as a way to show our appreciation to our customers!

Did I mention I have a beautiful custom Valkerie? That I adore? That I may be buried with because I don't love anyone enough to bequeath it to them? Seriously, if you're going to spend money on a gift for dad, get him something he'll cherish. Not another tie or bottle of English Leather. C'mon, a man can only wear so many ties and stink so much. And if you're going to spend money on a holster, don't waste it on something that's going to need replacing or will end up in the back of the closet because it doesn't work. Buy from Dennis, get quality. You won't regret it.

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good stuff....

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