Thursday, June 8, 2017

How to diagnose OCD kids in pre-school

Who are these animals?!
I blame the LGBTQ crowd.
The top pieces are in honor of lesbians,
and the bottom are two dudes having a swordfight.


Anonymous said...



JeremyR said...

I'm noticing how the pieces don't fit. The color patterns also do not conform.

millerized said...

Look at the wording and the 'features' of what doesn't fit into that scene. Small time/small town America. Pieces that don't fit are 'city' buildings and their bullshit 'together' "takes a village" Marx mantra. To me...the stuff 'above' the 'normal' puzzle can't even be made to fit correctly.
However, it could just be some moron put the wrong overlays on the wrong pieces...and based on the pieces already installed and the ones left, that's exactly what happened.

Anonymous said...

The piece at the 2nd row from bottom, 4th column from left is an edge piece. The piece above it "working together..." would fit there if rotated 1/4 turn clockwise. To replace the "working together..." piece you would need one with three slots and one tab.


JeremyR said...

I googled the names on their street sign, the link that most closely matched was freedom school partners. They are an organization in Charlotte NC that works with at risk kids to promote learning. They recruit college students to mentor kids during the summer so that they return to school with an interest in improving their lives and succeeding.
I could not tell you if they are liberal, conservative, or a mixed group only interested in the kids, but they have a number of churches that are partnered with them, which doesn't mean much anymore.

Phil said...

Yeah,well the blue chair is ostracized from the brown chairs so he threw paint on the road sign. Nobody is gonna tell me where to go!