Monday, November 19, 2012

Thoughts from the Left Coast

Within a couple of days of the election, we had all pretty much seen the blue/red maps broken down by county that showed an America so red it looked to be on fire. Shockingly, California was just about as red as Texas, their blue counties mirrored Texas' (homes to Liberal enclaves, cities and Mexican borders). I received the following in an email the day after opening shop. It comes from a lovely couple from the bluest of blue areas in Washington state and is proof that sanity can survive in the most insane places. Thank you for the send. :-D

Election Resultas Are In:

Marijuana legalized,
Gay marriage institutionalized,
Christians criticized,
Healthcare socialized,
National debt super-sized,
Founding Fathers demoralized,
The future compromised,
America desensitized;
Abortion justified,
Liberals satisfied,
I am mystified,
Conservatives are petrified.

As a Libertarian, some of this I agree with, some I don't. I am a small-government, fiscally conservative, socially "meh" kind of girl. I really don't think it's government's business to legislate OR fund morality or immorality. I couldn't care less who you love/marry/sleep with, as long as you don't force your values on me or force me to pay for your personal choices. Liberty is Liberty, Freedom is Freedom.


crankyjohn said...

Give them what they want. The country is going to hell anyway, lets get on the expressway. Rep's should abstain or vote present on everything the dems want. Let them own it. The aheeple will never learn so lets just drive this mother over the cliff. But that's me.

crankyjohn said...

That would be "sheeple". Still can't type for shit.

Anonymous said...

Legalizing Marijauna is controversial but advantageous: it opens up another front in the fight against the federal behemoth. The federal behemoth is trying to undo these legalizations because the "War on Drugs" has been profitable to both the government and the drug lords and justification for allowing warrantless SWAT raids. If more states legalize drugs then it strips power from the feds.

crankyjohn said...

Then legalize the fatties by all means. I don't partake myself but thats as good a reason as any to legalize it. I guess I have EVOLVED on that issue. Anything to take power away from the beast.

hiswiserangel said...

The War on Drugs is a big money military machine in the US. And as such, has solved absolutely zip. The cost in lives, liberty and treasure is too great to keep it going. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Yes the war on drugs is stupid, but it's a HUGE income maker for the fed. Also, if pot were legal they couldn't do asset seizure with all your stuff.

So loss of power plus loss of money =us stuck with drug war forever.


Mark12A said...

I'm simply stockpiling ammunition. What can I say?

c w swanson said...

California is very red everywhere but the coasts and LA region. Unfortunately, that's where the majority of people live.

Dan O. said...

Re: Your Note at the end of your post-

Absolutely. (If I were a praying man, I may even say Amen)

wirecutter said...

What Dan O. said.

hiswiserangel said...

Thank you Dan O and wirecutter. I swear, praise from wc, enough to make a girl light-headed and giggly... :-D