Thursday, April 23, 2015

Angel's Day Out

It all started this morning when the teen queen hugged me and said, "Mom, I'm all grown up." Granted, she'll be 21 in less than a month, but she's still my baby, yeah? So, this is her last year in public school, and I still haven't found an adult program for her. I'm currently looking for horse owners who'll allow her to work in the stables and care for horses this summer, but she needs so much more.

After I swallowed my tears and said, "Yes, beautiful girl, you are all grown up," I called her in sick for the day and took her shopping for her last prom. We met Grandma at the local formal shoppe (Poppy stayed in the van reading Louis L'Amour) and we tried on acres of taffeta, satin and tulle. All pink. Pretty Pink Prom Dresses, as per her command. A sea of pink from pale to watermelon. And she looked beautiful. We settled on this lovely frock in fuschia:

We let Poppy know we were done shopping and placing the order, we'd be out in a few minutes. Before I could open my checkbook, Poppy was there asking Sarah if she wanted a tiara for prom. Seriously, what woman doesn't want a freaking tiara?! Both of them headed back to accessories as mom and I paid for the dress and finalized the fitting appointment. We were just finishing up when they came back with the biggest freaking tiara I've ever seen. I was thinking small, demure, sparkly headband:

Not mondo giant tiara from hell:

But they were both so happy and Sarah was beaming and Poppy? Well, Poppy had some moistness in his eyes, must have been dusty back there. And really, who am I to say what's appropriate for a teen queen who's all grown up?


Bobo the Hobo said...

Lovely gown; not too "princess-y" and of course, a tiara! I hope the Teen Queen has a blast at prom!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it! All of it, but most especially her Poppy picking out a tiara with her.


Sdv1949 said...

You are an awesome Mom.