Thursday, April 16, 2015


By now, some of y'all _ave no_iced my absence. 2 reasons:

1: My lap_op is seriously fucked up. I've go_ 2 dead keys (guess w_ic_ ones), so I've been using an auxiliary keyboard plugged in_o __e USB por_s. W_ic_ are now all dead. So I'm down _o _yping messages __a_ look like W_eel of For_une puzzles. I'm _rying _o figure ou_ _ow _o ge_ all of my s_uff moved from __is one _o a new one. You know, all of __ose obscene dick pics y'all like _o send me. Or maybe Bubba __e Compu_er Guru can jus_ fix __is one. I don'_ know.

2. Spouse _alked me in_o replacing __e roof on our garage __is week. 40x26xo_mygod_oodamn_ig_. _e forgo_ _e's almos_ 50 and I'm _errified of _eig__s. I've _ad my ass on __e roof for __e las_ 3 days removing 2 layers of 60+year-old s_ingles. Down _o __e decking. 8am _o dark. Every par_ of my body _ur_s. Pain in muscles I didn'_ know exis_ed. I _old _im we _ire a roofer or I'm gone. __e roofer will be _ere omorrow. I'm s_ill deba_ing.

So _opefully __ings will ge_ back _o normal soon. 


Anonymous said...

That all sounds good. i was worried that you were down in the dumps. Glad you are just sore.

Sendarius said...

If you are running Windows XP or later, then just pull the hard drive from the old, and install it in the new.

In most cases it will find enough drivers to work, although network and video differences are something that often need attention.

There's more that a professional would do to "make it right", but that can be done afterwards.

davidc said...

Furry land seal ?