Friday, April 17, 2015

I'll send some your way

Sooooo..... got all the nails pulled and rotten boards replaced yesterday, called roofer who promised to send his guy out this morning to put the felt on and get it in the dry. And..... last night it rained. A lot. 1.56 inches in 40 minutes. And another inch over night. With 7 tornadoes. So yeah, California, we'll send some your way.


Volfram said...

I like how you can subtly tell that all the ts and hs in the post came from somewhere else.

hiswiserangel said...

Looks like a ransom note, huh?

J Bogan said...

Wait til she does actual cut and paste school notes...

Volfram said...

More like a secret message: "thtthhthtthttththtththhhtthth"


using T as 0 and H as 1, that would give


or T as 1 and H as 0 would give


but either way you're missing 3 digits.