Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Obama's new military

What's going through their minds?

Surrendered to Iran, forced to wear a hijab.


Anonymous said...

What can be said?


Anonymous said...


Stuart Garfath. Sydney, Australia. said...

Back in 2004, five Iranian Revolutionary Guard gunboats tried to capture a Royal Australian Navy boarding party that were inspecting a cargo vessel.
After a stand-off that lasted a few hours, the Australians convinced the wogs to piss-off, it is said that colourful language' and an aggressive stance were what convinced the Iranians to seek softer targets.
They had one choice, either fuck off or die for your country, they took the smart option.

rick c said...

Kerry and ALL above him clear to the top against the wall NOW!! Two boats=4 engines,two boats= two nav systems.Not to mention a whole lotta cans of whoopass on,over,and below the waters.Just ask any one of those sailors if they would like to volunteer for that firing squad.

Angel eyes said...

This is what obama has done to our guys. This is what he would do. I should post a link from 'Life Aquatic' with Bill Murray. His response to the terrorists trying to take The Belafonte is how our guys should have (and would have under a real CIC) reacted.