Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sadly, I can relate


Unclezip said...

Giant Puppy is wearing one of those right now. It's 22" across, and very entertaining.

J Bogan said...

I could do without the cone of shame, but can otherwise relate.

Anonymous said...

Years ago one of my Greyhounds needed this collar after a surgery. She kept finding ways to get past the collar at the vets. When we picked her up, the vet said he had to get creative. He took a plastic bucket and cut the bottom out. He cut holes around the sides by the top and used velco computer ties through the holes and fastened the bucket to her collar. When she would go to eat, the bucket was firmly on the floor and her head was nowhere to be seen...but it worked.
Spring TX

Anonymous said...

nothing can be more pissed off than a pissed off cat....but then, i never tried to put one of those on a pms'ing woman, either....

vaquero viejo

idahobob said...


That is just hilarious!

You have made my day!