Monday, July 8, 2013

III to III: An open letter to the militias

While I know I'm probably not widely read among the militias, maybe some of y'all know them and can forward this. I just want to put my two cents in, for what it's worth.

I received an email from WiscoDave about the armor plates he's putting together for Patriots. In it, he stated that while several Patriots have offered to cover the cost of plates for militia members, some of those militia have declined, seeing it as charity. Really?! Have we gotten so fucked up that we've lost touch with the true meaning of that word?

Charity is how we USED to take care of each other before the government stuck it's nose in our business and decided how much we should give and to whom. Charity is the voluntary offering of time, money, goods or services to another deemed worthy. Someone you believe to be not only in need, but someone who will put the gift to good use and will, when possible, pay it forward. This is NOT the government handout program. This is a group of Patriots who see a need they can fill, and choose to fill it. True charity, in it's purist form, is not a handout, it's an investment. Now, you militia guys, try to get in touch with true Christian charity, not the compulsory government handout programs.

But if you're still hung up on Charity, let's look at this logically.

Every damn day, every citizen is forced to "donate" funds that the government uses to arm various entities. From the Muslim Brotherhood (who would love to use those guns against us), to our own military and government entities (who may be using their guns against us), to our local law enforcement agencies (who are becoming increasingly militarized). Every day, we involuntarily "fund" people who may not have our best interests at heart. So why the hell can't we VOLUNTARILY CHOOSE TO FUND people we know to have our best interests at heart? Why can't we choose to better equip those Patriots who choose to go in harm's way? Don't think of it as charity, think of it as an investment. In Liberty. Perhaps our last free choice.

And if logic isn't doing it for you, how about the emotional plea of a Patriot mom?

I can't go to the mat, no matter how much I want to. I have aging parents and special needs kids who will rely on me to keep them safe and to provide for them. And there are many, many more Patriots just like me. Due to age, illness, family, we can't be on the front lines. But God bless you, you have made that choice to go in harm's way.

We can't have your flank, watch your back as you catch some sleep, drag you to safety if you go down. We can't be there for you. But we can do this. We can provide some small measure of safety for you. We can outfit you with armor plates, an anti-bullet "hug" if you will. Please let us do this for you. We can't stand shoulder to shoulder with you, but we can do this. If you'll allow us.

Please rethink your position and get in touch with Dave. Let us take care of this, III to III.

WiscoDave's email is Ray, please contact him.


Robert Fowler said...

Like you, I'm not in a position to be of much help. I will pass this along though. Doing what I can.

Sandman369 said...
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Sandman369 said...

Thanks, I will pass this along to the hard-heads. Of course you are correct. God bless.


Volfram said...

Somewhere along the lines, a stigma got attached to accepting "charity." It can make you appear "weak."

I'd like to carry my own weight, but if I have to choose between charity and a body bag, I think I'll go with charity.

And then I will do my best to pay them back.

Anonymous said...

OMG! you are the best Angel! The ONLY reason I haven't ordered any is cause they don't take CC and we have no money(cash) to spend. Between my cancer bills ( I'll still be paying them off when I die of old age) and The Wife's Grad school...well there you go.---Ray

Boilerdoc said...

Well spoken as always

WiscoDave said...

Ray, send me an email. We'll work something out. Guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully stated. If I was part of a group that needed the help, I'd graciously accept it, and then do everything I could to see that the donor got repaid in some way. Above that, I'd then perform some charitable act as a "pay it forward" kind of thing. Call it grace, karma, luck, whatever - give something back in gratitude for the gifts provided to you.


Thomas Savasta said...

This concept is great,My sons 2@home and my self are active militia. We are still in training @ various stages. The boys are both working and can/should pay there way. I do know of others in our platoon that might need some help. What if someone wants to donate?

Homeline Security said...

I forwarded this generous offer to operational head for Northern California. I hope to see them get better equipped as they are very active, growing fast in numbers and training weekly.

Homeline Security said...

Thank you patriots for your generous offer.

Anonymous said...

THANKS!! Angel! BUT I got a speeding ticket yesterday in Louisville. That pisses on my cash for the next month--I'll send Dave an E-mail in the next-day or two----Ray

WiscoDave said...

Send me an email and I can let you know your options.

Wrench said...

Wow, Angel... nicely put. I have been struggling in my own mind how I, a 59 year old dude with some debilitating arthritis, could possibly bug out with a rucksack and weapons on foot and make it for very long in the wilderness or for that matter, in battle. My mind is still stuck at 35 but the body is turning toward September. I have been struggling in this realization and was starting to give up prepping.
With that scenario, and after reading Kerodin's post that led me here, we DO have a purpose and can be of use in the cause.
The main problem is networking and vetting.
However, the III to III concept is viable and I would be onboard to help with my what I have.
Thanks you for bringing me out of a funk, Angel.

Homeline Security said...

Thanks for the heads up on this fantastic opportunity. I passed it along to the brass at NCSM and expect they will follow up shortly. Thanks too for paying it forward and you will surely be repaid in kind. Bravo to III to III.