Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Or that Mitch Obama has 2 X chromosomes


SunwolfNC said...

Aww gotta leave the Bigfoot and Nessie outta there... Everything else, spot on!

wirecutter said...

How about a woman (?) you met in a San Francisco bar?
Or a snarling doberman?
Or a politician that says "Trust me"?
A rattlesnake?
A rabid raccoon?
Shall I keep going?

Ian Restil said...

Och, lassie, hae ye nae respect?

Ye are being unfair to Nessie, an' perhaps tae Bigfoot, as well.

J Bogan said...

Joe Isuzu... (Or am I the only one old enough to remember that)

Anonymous said...

Joe Isuzu....Ha
A classic J.B. Ad him to the Dem's ticket for 2016.