Thursday, April 9, 2015



Able said...

If you know any French people try reading '1000 Years of Annoying the French' by Stephen Clarke. It provides endless hours of enjoyment destroying the dearly held beliefs that every French person has about history (ie. they didn't invent the guillotine or champagne either, not even the croissant. and those pesky Normans turned out not to be French but .... Vikings, which explains why we lost) ... and it's quite funny too.

I have a French neighbour (well he's Parisienne anyway) and now he hides or runs when he sees me, and I'm sure I almost made him cry once.


Anonymous said...

Maybe not, might be preserved by the rocket's blast of moon dust and the above phenomenon.

Jesse in South Texas.

Anonymous said...

They may have invented soap and they're still trying to find a use for it.

JeremyR said...

French Military weapons are highly prized. They have never been fired, but usually have a few dings from being dropped.

rickn8or said...

But Able, they've been credited with inventing the blow job. That oughta count for something.

Anonymous said...

Love the book Able recommended!


Anonymous said...

Jesse in South Texas, I have a question for you. With all that "Moon dust" blowing around, why did not one speck of it end up on the feet of the Lunar lander? Check the photos.

Anonymous said...

eatgrueldog, Good question and found an explanation, maybe.
As for the flags remaining, my hope was dashed. Since the flags were made out of nylon and nothing special I'm disappointed they did not try to leave something more permanent.

Monolith perhaps?

Jesse in South Texas.

Anonymous said...

Howdy All,

1. And the color red fades in sunlight faster than other colors - something to do with the wave length. According to discussion with a dude from 3M when we were discussing stop sign face fade. Exciting stuff, eh?