Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Inconvenient truth


SunwolfNC said...

But numbers and facts are *scary*!
Why would you show this reality to those on the left who cower at the skirt seam of emotion and fantasy?

Anonymous said...

uhhhh something wrong with these percentages???

Volfram said...

I get 0.00055%, but that's still what we in the engineering world call "zero" in comparison to deaths from, say, medical malpractice, obesity, heart disease, or being the unborn child of an irresponsible woman.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting that up - while you aren't going to change anyone's mind that reads this blog (most likely), it is good to see the numbers (and check them) every so often.

Sigh... However, the oft repeated lie becomes the oft repeated
"Fact!" Case in point:

I just read an answer to the question "What are the odds of being shot and killed in the U.S." on Quora. This guy named Hedge Moulding (No guns, no worries) who says that the odds are 1 in 300!!!!

The lie spreader, Moulding, claims to be a Computer Programmer and involved in Computer Networking, which would make him super technical, right? But he comes up with the ratio 1 IN 300!!!! From which part of his anatomy did this number spring forth?? There it is on Quora so it must be true, eh? There were correct answers as well, ones based on the same FBI statistics your poster was based on.

Again: sigh... I miss the time when technical competence could not be claimed without a very heavy concentration in the maths. Now any 'Brilliant' 10 year old has adoring mommies claiming they are a 'computer genius'.

Fuck the fed.

The Captain
A Certifiable Computer Genius
Well, I am SURE they used the word 'certifiable'

Joseph Perez said...

I love math!