Sunday, January 3, 2016

Why Europe is basically fucked

Now, before the feminists get their non-gender specific underthings in a twist, it's not because they're women. Aside from Sweden's Karin Enstrom who still holds the rank of Captain in the Swedish Marines, they have no military background. And no idea how to handle the Islamic invasion ushered in by Angela Merkel. Good luck, ladies.


Anonymous said...

thought you might want to read this.
do what you want with it. it's your choice..

livin to ride

Angel eyes said...

Well you won't think the U.S. is fucked if you've been to a gun store or a range lately. Make a reservation or wait in line. And this is in California!

Volfram said...

You know, even if I agreed with Feminism(which I categorically don't), I still would refuse to identify as a feminist. Male feminists are some of the vilest misogynists I've ever seen.

Stretch said...

Nothing inspires confidence like a SecDef with a broken nose.
He knows what fighting is all about.

Stuart Garfath. Sydney Australia. said...

You can add Australia to this stable of the unknowing.
On 21 September 2015, Senator Marise Payne was appointed Australia's Defence Minister by the current Liberal Turnbull government.
Her biography shows she has a Batchelor of Arts and Laws.
It also indicated that she has had absolutely nothing to do with the Military here in Australia whatsoever during her political or private career.
As a side note, look up the Australian Navy Captain Mona Shindy, she is in a bit of hot water as I speak, for commenting in an official capacity on her twitter account, (since taken down) about Islam, and other political matters.
She describes herself as a Muslim Navy Captain.....
We have one foundational rule in the Australian Defence Forces, which is, 'Religion and Politics are never to be publicly talked about in uniform', I know this, having served for 23 years myself.
Full stop.
She has broken this rule, BIG TIME!.

Ogrrre said...

It appears that the office of Defense Minister in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and Germany is a political office, whereas in Russia, it is a military office.