Friday, May 6, 2016

Keep in mind

After this week, I've had a little bit of a slowdown. I'm rethinking my priorities, I'm refocusing my energy. I'm determined to love the people in my life without excuses or reservations. (This is the part where Poppy will be rolling his eyes.) Our time on this earth is very short, and time wasted will never be regained. What are you going to do with your time this weekend? Find some time to dream, laugh, love, be loved. That last part is important. Are you letting people love you and show you how much you mean to them? Or are you rushing through life, pretending you don't need a big hug and some comfort? I've got a huge problem with showing vulnerability and asking for help. I've got a bigger problem accepting help when it's offered.  So please take some time this week and LIVE.


B said...


Dick said...

And wash your kid's faces.

Anonymous said...

So, here is one humongous hug! and thank you for reminding all of us what really matters!

vaquero viejo