Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I've been there for more than a year

You know, ask a simple question and get verbally and visually attacked on a "fellow patriot's" blog, never mind that it has a readership of 3, and you pretty much want to knock the dust off your boots and walk away. I just never felt compelled to put it down in writing. Never held the same status or level of reverence that Wirecutter has in the Patriot movement; was never really taken seriously by the other players, so figured my announcement of withdrawal would draw a huge simultaneous gasp of ..... meh.

But when Wirecutter says he's done? Yeah, that's something big. And he's got very good reasons. Maybe like pruning dead and diseased branches is the only way to save a tree, cutting the diseased "tops" off the Patriot tree is the only way to save the movement. Cut shoots off the healthy tree and plant locally. Grow your own, tend it, nurture it. Where you live.


And don't panic, he's not done bullshittin' and posting milfs, he's just done messing with wannabes.


drjim said...

I was never "into" that organization led by Scammy.

It just seemed, well, wrong.

But I do listen and take heed of what others say and write when it makes sense to me.

And I always will.....

J Bogan said...

I have always thought that the III was a state of mind anyway. I find it in MY mind...I don't need the outside help...Kinda like I find liberty. Once you free your mind,all else follows.

Anonymous said...

(very quiet golf clap)


Anonymous said...

regrow it from the deep roots up into the sky

it has been idiotic what has gone on so long

and it is getting worse

been there


pigpen51 said...

Angel, I saw Wirecutter's post first, then came here. And yes, this is something big. The fallout will be interesting, to say the least.

wirecutter said...

I like that way you put that post, Angel. Thank you.

hiswiserangel said...

What? 11 sentences, less than 500 words, didn't say anything you and the others haven't already said. But you're welcome for the link.

Old Surfer said...

For what it's worth, I found Wirecutter through you. You have always been a wise and fun part of my morning stroll through the interwebs.

I distrust leaders in general and anyone trying to lead the 3% is automatically disqualified, so you and Wirecutter are obviously making the right moves. I kind of wonder what happened with Sipsey Street?

Andy said...


You are too modest. I'm sure you have at least seven or eight readers. At least ONE is a regular.

As far as WC goes, I did just post a long-winded comment, as is my nature. A year ago, I wasn't reading any of these blogs. Six months ago, I would have shrugged off Kenny's post. Today brings a fresh perspective.

As far as the III movement is concerned it is like "The Wave". Everyone jumps up a few times and then goes home.