Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Just a thought from Poppy

I was talking with Poppy yesterday and he brought up an interesting point. Considering the YUGE difference in enthusiasm between the Trump supporters and the Left (can't quite call them Hillary "supporters"), could the MSM and Left's psy-ops strategy of using radically inflated polls to discourage Trump voters backfire?

His theory is this: The usually lazy and uninvolved Left voters (you know, why leave mom's basement when the pizza rolls are almost done?) will look at the YUGE lead in the polls and think, "Hmmm, Hillary's got this, she doesn't need my vote and I'd much rather spend my time doing...." and then just not show up to vote. Meanwhile, it's pissing off the Trump voters, many of whom (like Poppy) aren't voting FOR Trump, but voting a big ole FUCK YOU to the establishment, and the more you tell some people to quit and go home, the harder the fight. So the libs think they can skate, and the Patriots gird for battle. Could it be they're shooting themselves in the foot?

And now some voting tips from Poppy:

  1. If you vote by machine, try to record by photo or video your vote in case there's the old Hillary Switcheroo.
  2. If you live in a place with electonic polling machines, you are entitled to ask for a paper ballot. They are required to provide you with one. Many senior citizens don't know this is still an option.
  3. Early voting and absentee ballots are the easiest to tamper with, so please if possible, wait until Election Day to vote.
  4. If you're voting for Trump, wait until November 8.
  5. If you're voting for Clinton, wait until November 9.


Volfram said...

My brother was sent two ballots. My grandmother's ballot was sent to the wrong state.

Dick said...

Pappy speaks words of wisdom. Great post, thanks.

jeff campbell said...

Yes, Poppy is a wise man. I hope like hell he is correct!!!! NO HILLARY

Anonymous said...

as always, the wisdom of experience....thank you!

vaquero viejo

Anonymous said...

Great tips Poppy. Just take care that the election officials don't notice you taking pictures of your vote, part of Texas election rules (Section 61.014 - USE OF CERTAIN DEVICES) is that no wireless communication device can be turned on within 100 feet of a voting station. The person using said device could be turned away.

That doesn't stop the people texting while waiting in line, but if you do that within the voting booth - could get you in hot water. Just saying.

Thank you Angel - you keep on being awesome !

John The River said...

Reposted the five rules...keep up the good work!