Friday, February 20, 2015

Again, I fail to see the problem

These are memes I pull of the internet, 
usually posted by some liberal twatwaffle
who thinks he's making some scathing commentary
on America's troubling gun obsession.

Know what I see?


Wraith said...

If you're afraid of guns, you're in the wrong damn country.

Move, before we move you.

Anonymous said...

My only objection to this pic is the content. That communist built Schmeisser 47 shouldn't be there, a lever action should be in it's place since it's the most American rifle ever.


rickn8or said...

What I see is it's time to think about buying the kid a handgun.

(But that's just the OCD in me.)

J Bogan said...

I think it is missing the 1903, and the M1...REAL battle rifles.

genericviews said...

I think the man of the house must be suffering some serious lack of gun knowledge if he chooses the AK as his SHTF gun. So many better options.

Anonymous said...

OMG! This could be posted on my bedroom wall!! And just from my side of the bed!!

Anonymous said...

Man (? 1st position) should be M1 Garand.
Woman (2nd position) Should be M1a1 Springfield/M14.
Teen? 3rd oaky dokey on Shotgun.
Younger child Marlin 10/22.

(spell checker doesn't know what a Garand is!

Kevin S TX

Anonymous said...

a 10/22 is a ruger not a marlin