Friday, February 13, 2015

Top of my Bucket List

I would love to travel, see the world. I'm pretty sure I'll never get that opportunity, and I'm okay with that. Mostly.

The one place I'd sell my mom for a chance to see before I die is Ireland. Must be the Ginger Gene; Ireland calls to me. The culture, the architecture, the landscape, the people; and yes, the pubs. Let's start here:

The Crown Liquor Saloon
Est. 1873.
Okay, so apparently The Crown is a mere babe in Ireland, but oh those snugs! Here are more, older, maybe wiser, pubs in Ireland. I feel a tour coming on.


Anonymous said...

Ireland sounds fabulous. I adored Scotland and something tells me I'll feel the same way about Ireland. You should sign up for emails from because sometimes they do packages to Ireland that include hotel, breakfast, car and airfare from a major east coast city for about $1k for around 7-9 days. Someday. Sigh.


doubletrouble said...

My son (adult) & I went in 2004. Very cool, but the west is more like Ireland than Dublin, which is kinda Europe-funky. If you go, watch yer ass, as theft crime is rampant.
Expected, I suppose, in a socialist economy.

Keith Pearson said...

My brother did a literal round-the-world trip a couple of weeks ago. In seven days. A day to Hong Kong, two days there. A day to London, two days there. A day back. Three days later, fly to Atlanta to report to the bosses. He's a real estate lawyer for Mr. Diane Feinstein, and yes, he's a frakkin' lefty. And yes, they made a metric shit ton from the banking collapse in 2008. They got the .gov contract to deal with all the properties that you and I owned from bailing out failed banks.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd rather do Scotland myself. I like Scotch. That Irish whiskey is nasty shit.


Anonymous said...

Don't wish for something Angel, cause you might get it.

I lived in that Socialist sewer for 18 years and after the 6 month thrill wore off I found it was a country of hypocritical Micks who would sell their mother for a pint of Guinness.

Guess what the second most popular religion is in Ireland after Catholicism? Islam. Don't believe me, go to Google.

So fawn from afar my dear. You'll be better off.

PS: The Crown is in Northern Ireland, which is a totally different country than The Republic of Ireland although they share an island.