Monday, February 23, 2015

Still in my top 5


Anonymous said...

An electrical engineer with a mustache. Looks familiar.

He was a truly remarkable genius.


Keith Pearson said...

Had a plan for wireless transmission of electricity too. They're working on it now. Again.

Anonymous said...

Tesla was actually a mechanical engineer. He had a patent on a vertical takeoff and landing airplane before the wright brothers flew, and built and demonstrated a completely radio remote controlled submarine in the 1890s. He got into electrical experiments because he designed an electric airplane and thought that it was possible to transmit large enough amounts of electricity from a ground source to the plane to power it. Brilliant man, way ahead of his time.

David Martin

Anonymous said...

Tesla was brilliant, yes. Handsome as well, yes. But to address today's topic:
"The 1st Law of Thermodyamics simply states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed."
Unless we live in the White House, this applies to the most of us.


SunwolfNC said...

He also allegedly had alien help in his designs.
He is reported to have been able to conceive of a mechanical design in his head, and then TEST it in his head; debug the design, fixing flaws and problems along the way and the final outcome would be improved.

"Nikola Tesla has been referred to as "the man who invented the 20th century." His use of alternating electrical currents and invention of the AC engine brought revolutionary changes in electrical power generation and transmission that remain the global standard today. Tesla recited entire books from memory, and designed his machines in his head, rather than on paper. He was also frequently ridiculed for proposing "impossible" inventions … which he then went and invented anyway."
The dude was amazing and I wish he had more of an uninterrupted chance to be great...

Dan said...

A lot of 'cool shit' is alleged to have been invented by Tesla then buried by 'the powers that be'. The fact that much of these alleged wonders violate the fundamental physical laws of reality doesn't seem to be much of an issue to these claimants.

He was a clever man who invented some very interesting things....but much of what he is alleged to have done is flat out impossible and much of the rest while interesting is not practical in real world applications.

genericviews said...

He certainly wasn't the last brilliant man ever to live. Certainly, thousands of other men in the past 100 years, could have built on his advances and independently discovered anything worth discovering. Free energy is too wonderful to pass up. Even if our government squashes it, thee are 198 other governments on the planet, not to mention places not governed by anyone.

The US military would love to have free energy. Even if we has to stamp it, "For military use only".

Volfram said...

Alongside, Leonardo Da Vinci, truly the two greatest scientific minds who have ever lived.

Anonymous said...

Tesla was bright enough to know that you can't create something from nothing. His experiments involved the transmission of electricity, not the creation of it. Tesla was scientifically brilliant, but socially very awkward and tended to invite ridicule. On top of that he was the mortal enemy of Thomas Edison, who was NOT a nice man, and had no qualms about using his substantial influence against anyone he did not like. JP Morgan was Teslas financial backer, and the experiments ended when Morgan pulled the funding, due partially to the onset of the Depression and also to pressure from Edison. Edison was a much bigger problem for Tesla than Uncle Sam was.

David Martin