Friday, February 20, 2015

For the love of books

Mom read to us every day, multiple books. Because we were poor (I didn't know until I was a young teen*), we only had a few books and a smoking library card. I still remember the trips to the library, my brother and  me in the wagon she pulled 20+ blocks. I quickly had our favorites memorized, and then I learned to read them myself. She'd change a word here and there, I'd correct her and she'd hand the book to me, "Okay then, Miss Smartypants, read it to me." And I would, silly voices like she did and acting out the parts. I was reading simple books by 2, on a 6th grade level by kindergarten, college level by 6th grade. And all because my mom read to me as much as possible.

Thank you, Mom, for my lifelong love of reading. I love you.

*I realized we didn't have a tv until I was in grade school. All we had were books.


J Bogan said...

Giving you the gift of reading is perhaps the greatest gift of all. And you think you were poor? Your mother gave you the keys to the kingdom Angel. TVs have a brightness control, but no matter how bright you make it, it will never come close to the brilliance found in books. You were truly blessed with your parents. Not everyone is so lucky you know. Cherish them while you can.

Anonymous said...

"Miss Smartypants" Boy, she had you figured out early and I will bet she would say you are still the same. :-)

That is so neat she would do that. Not only better than a TV but offers unlimited travel.

I love books. The worse thing about moving is having to select which ones get to come with me and which ones must be left behind.


rickn8or said...

I DO NOT read too much! I can quit any time I want!!

But Roger over at Curmudgeonly and Skeptical said it better than me:

RabidAlien said...

Books were my escape. When Dad would get transferred to another base, the library was the first place I knew how to find (followed quickly by all of the video game arcades on base...usually at the BX and the bowling alley). Our TV was a B&W tube TV that had the nasty habit of scrolling and fuzzing out all the time (it had a UHF knob and only picked up local stations by bunny-ears), and was generally kept on the news stations. Heck, it got to the point where I didn't feel comfortable unless I had two books with me, just in case I finished one (a habit I still have).

Keith Pearson said...

Agree with J. When I was a kid, my dad's plant would shut down for two weeks every July. Popup camper, Colorado mountains. Before heading off, we would go to the library and get enough books for the five of us to fill a suitcase. Mom learned early to not go to the library too soon, or I'd be through half my books before we left and not have enough to read while on vacation. Reading is something that was already on the decline with our generation, and these kids these get off my lawn!

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Storyteller
And I am a reader.

hiswiserangel said...

Hi Storyteller.

AbbyS said...

I was reading at 7-8 grade level by 4rd grade. I got into lots of trouble... I now have a kindle with over 300 books. This way when I finish 1, I have many others!!


Dave In Indiana said...

I double dog dare you to try that business model in an urban setting at a location not adjoining or adjacent to a police station.