Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We'd all be on a waiting list for Wirecutter


wirecutter said...

Shit, the best part of telling a good story is having a crowd around.

J Bogan said...

I would want to read some reviews on most people first...

Anonymous said...

So....what is the late fee for Nancy Friday or Xavier Hollander??

vaquero viejo

show me one socialist success in world history said...

Everybody watch out! Betcha that's the fat lady singing!

skybill said...

These places are called "Bars!!!"
Pop a beer and start talkin'!!
"No Sh!t there I was, Thought I was gonna' Die!!
And then I .........
Hurdling dirtward at 120 miles per hour!!
All I had was a hand full of silkworms and a sewing machine!!
And "Dirty Ed" had us in stitches, laughing our a$$ off and spilling our beer for what seemed like hours but was a considerable bit less but
spinning this tale of a hapless skydiver!!
Dirty has "Gone on" but his stories live with us!!

Because no good story started with a salad!!

Blue skies,
Black death,