Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Break Parent Hostage Crisis 2016

What do you get when you "spring forward" right before Spring Break?

Chaos. You get fucking chaos!

You get Cute Chicks who are confused about bedtimes, and worse, getting up times. They're groggy, grumpy, don't want to do shit because that would mean getting dressed (wait, that one's mine), eating machines.

Status Report:

Parental Sanity 40%
Snack stores 60%
Booze stores Almost depleted

All is lost.    


Anonymous said...

will take up collection for booze...might even get Salvation Army to kick in for something this serious.....

vaquero viejo

Anonymous said...

Hah - hang in there. I have a pair of kids too. My Daughter rode with Mom out of town on motorcycle trip to Texas Hill Country to visit her brother and attend motorcycle rally near Garner Park. The boy and me are at home - peace and quiet reigns in my household ! The indoor cats are faaaaar more relaxed.

I'd rather deal with the time change outside of school - getting up early in Spring is a real pita to deal with school age kids. Okay - adults to.