Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yeah, me too.


My New Year's Resolution: Never Ever Ever Again. Walt Disney sucks and there are no happily ever afters in my future. I'm focusing on my Krav Maga training (classes start in 10 days) and getting back to the range.
I am not just WiserAngel, I'm going to become WarriorAngel.


da_truth36 said...

You go girl!

Kerodin said...

Good for you. Women and their children will soon become even more vulnerable than they are today, and will have to rely on themselves in many cases to be the defender of home & hearth.

Train smart and hard.


Mike Miles said...

Warrior Princess, go forth!

rpm2day said...

The deer does have a certain "Bring it bitches!" look going.

angrymike said...

That a girl, great attitude ........;)