Sunday, February 17, 2013

Need a permit?


Anonymous said...

Now you are really on THE list.


Jason said...

It all seems illegal to me, so maybe I don't need a permit to shoot those damn things out of the sky.

Thanks anyway.

Chris Mallory said...

Civilians are government employees not in the military, such as cops and other leeches.

Citizens are productive, armed human beings who do not work for the government.

WiscoDave said...

Neat Zazzle site!
Might just hafta do some shopping!

JeremyR said...

Get a good laser for blinding them.

Anonymous said...

No permit necessary, just more ammo. Kick ass, putting up the Fisher garden seed link, once I sober up I'll figure out how to link it on my site, and I'm going to order from them soon.