Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Okay y'all, I'm putting the link to wirecutter's favorite holster maker on my sidebar. Dennis sweetly offered to send me some of those kickass III Patriot coasters for my efforts, and I really want those coasters. Also, if enough of y'all buy something from him, maybe he'll make me a thigh holster that works worth a damn, and I can model it. So look to your right, find the Dragon and support a Patriot Business.

I was thinking about wirecutter the Holster Whore and his many nameless holsters tossed casually aside in favor of something newer and sexier, and my FOUR holsters which I use daily rotating so none of their feelings get hurt. I have a deep and lasting relationship with each and have agonized over adding another, I do not want to make any of them insecure. But summer is coming, and I really need a concealed carry solution to sundresses. You can't wear a belly band, Flashbang, IWB (no WB), or corset holster unless you want to hike your skirt, tuck it under your chin and draw your weapon. No. Just, NO. So I really need a good, workable thigh holster that doesn't attach to my panties (seriously, a water gun would pull them down, forget an S&W .38). I'm kind of envisioning a smooth leather and spandex garter belt with a thigh band on one thigh for my.38 and a sheath on the other for my knife. Maybe something can work. I refuse to carry in my purse.


canbeus said...

Hi luv. I have the same concealed carry rig you described but I had to add a garter belt to support my thigh holster. It's works great, just remember, panties over garter belt.

DragonLW said...


Thanks SO MUCH for the sidebar! The coasters were packed up earlier today, and will be in tomorrows mail. :-)

As for your thigh rig...I've not made anything thigh-centric, save for custom work for the movie Fast & Furious 7. (Yeah, I've done work in TV and Movies. Let me know if you want the story of how we got started in that business, and maybe you'll scoop Wirecutter and print it first ;-) )

That being said, I finished and shipped my very first thigh rig last Friday. Waiting on feedback from the gal, but if she approves, I'll tell you which measurements I need and I'll make another like it for you. To be honest, what she asked for made me think that it was more of a BDSM piece than a thigh holster, but its what she wanted. I don't envy you women...its gotta be hard to conceal something twixt the nethers in a sundress. Lord knows I would never put anything that can go BANG that close to Mr. Winky.

Anyways, thank you again for the sidebar.

Warmest Regards,

Dennis aka: Dragon

hiswiserangel said...

BDSM, huh? And what's wrong with having a multiple purpose rig? ;-)
As for blowing off Mr. Winky, that's why a thigh holster has the business end pointing down and not up.
But I have to admit when I started using Flashbang and corset rigs, I often worried about blowing my nipples off.


wirecutter said...

A water pistol would pull her panties down. Heh.

Critter said...

you had me at thighs....

hiswiserangel said...

Seriously, wirecutter? That's what you took away from this post?

Ian Restil said...

Hae ye considered sporran carry, lassie?

I can totally understand your concerns around the feelings of the FOUR holsters you currently possess, and the concomitant reluctance to change (specifically increase) that number.

May I offer, in an attempt to help you mitigate and get past this, the following observations?

Four is the number of wives allowed to the adherents of a certain currently bothersome group. You would not wish to numerologically associate with them, eh?

Brigham Young (not an adherent of the mentioned bothersome group) had 29 wives.

Perhaps a number greater than four, and less than twenty nine is manageable?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angel. Now I'm kind of envisioning you in a smooth leather and spandex garter belt with a thigh band too.

Skip said...

Didn't happen without pitchurs.

Wraith said...

I have this strange urge to be a water gun right now...

(I know, I know, Naughty Corner)

DragonLW said...

Heya Angel,

OK...so far, so good. The gal like the design of her rig, she just needs to try it, and give me her feedback on what, if anything, needs to be improved.

So with that in mind, I'm going to be dropping you an e-mail with some rather personal questions. Grab a tailors measure (those yellow measuring tapes you get at Jo-Ann Fabrics) and keep an eye on your email.

And all you other fuckers can cry in your beer...I'm not sharing the measurements. ;-) Leathercrafter / client privilege and all that.