Monday, February 9, 2015

Go ahead, play with your food

I am so doing this for the Cute Chicks this summer. Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seeds, my beans went bat crap crazy last year, they were climbing everywhere. This would be a really cool hideout, and BEANS!


Anonymous said...

I see both strings and poles. What do you plant, string beans or pole beans?

Farmer Terry,

Anonymous said...

We did this at my place when the kids were younger - they loved having a little hidey hole, where they could also munch on snacks.... All good!!


eatgrueldog said...

Don't forget to stake the legs down. Little bit of rebar and some wire.Trust me, that's experience.

stevierayv said...

I can't unsee that either mine will be better:)

Jim22 said...

Why the flower pots? Can't you plant the seeds in the ground?

Don't forget, 6-8 seeds at the bottom of each pole.