Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why is the "measles outbreak" obvious to everyone but the MSM?

I'm sorry, but we all know if Patient Zero was a white kid from a family that chose not to inoculate, it would be all over the MSM. "Patient Zero is an upper middle class white child whose family chose not to inoculate; here is the family posing with Mickey Mouse who promptly contracted the disease and died! Yes, these people killed Mickey Mouse! Here's their address, you must burn them out for their heinous disregard of this beloved American icon!" Something few people are talking about is that the CDC declared measles to be eradicated from the US in 2000, just as they declared the eradication of smallpox in the early 1970s. So what is the difference between eradicated measles and eradicated smallpox? We stopped inoculating for smallpox. Kids are still being forced to take the MMR shots. Now ask yourselves this, if someone can't spontaneously break out in measles and if measles has been eradicated in the US, where did the infection come from?

Yeah, the MSM will never tell you Patient Zero is one of Obama's guests from south of the border, but we all know. So what is the true purpose for the measles furor since we all know it's not a call to close the border?

"What does this have to do with vaccinations? If measles wasn’t being brought into the U.S., vaccinations would not even be necessary, as with smallpox. The current surge in measles cases coincides perfectly with the Obama Administration’s policy to open our southern border. As I wrote last year, it’s not only measles crossing the border, but also other infectious diseases such as TB. Yet the media chooses to ignore this inconvenient truth and instead play gotcha games with Rand Paul and Chris Christie."


Anonymous said...

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J Bogan said...

Yeah, exactly. There is a full court press going on, Faux news, CNN, headline news... All braying the exact same lines... Not one of them ever mentions the invasion. They think we are stupid. I think they need to be tarred and feathered.
No one in the entire Government is working for US, We the People, any more.

Keith Pearson said...

And everyone freaking out about non vaccinated kids being a threat to their vaccinated kids. If yours are vaccinated, how is a kid with the disease a threat, exactly? The coordination here is rather smelly to me.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard of measles being a problem since the 60's.

AndyN said...

Keith - For a small percentage of immunized children the immunization doesn't work. From what I've read, it looks like the only way to find out whether my kids' immunization didn't work is to expose them to measles and have them get sick. There are also kids who for legitimate medical reasons (compromised immune system from leukemia treatments, allergies to components of the vaccine, that sort of thing) simply can't be immunized.

I'm not a fan of government mandates, even in cases like this where there's arguably a legitimate public benefit. I do, on the other hand, whole-heartedly approve of shaming and stigmatizing people who needlessly put children's lives at risk.

hiswiserangel said...

Andy, you're missing the point.
1. If measles was eradicated, then no one in the country is infected.
2. Kids can't get something that isn't here regardless of whether or not they're vaccinated.
3. For unvaccinated kids to get a disease that was declared eradicated in 2000, someone would have to bring it INTO the country from someplace that has the disease.
4. People who travel in and out of the US LEGALLY must provide proof of inoculations.
5. People who travel ILLEGALLY do not provide proof of inoculations and are coming from Third World shitholes carrying a multitude of dangerous shit.
6. Everyone is blaming a small segment of society who, living in a country where it's eradicated and not able to travel legally to countries, should pose no threat.
7. Everyone is ignoring the REAL source and threat.

wirecutter said...

I mentioned the same thing in a post this morning.
It's called ignoring the elephant in the room.

And the TB thing? A couple of years ago the headlines around here were screaming about the rocketing TB rates, especially among hispanics (didn't specify if they were legal immigrants or not) and now we're hearing nothing about it. More than likely that's because it's not increasing any more for whatever reason but has leveled off. Unfortunately it's leveled off about 3-4 times higher than pre-open border days.

I just did that entire comment without saying 'fuck' even once.

hiswiserangel said...


show me one socialist success in world history said...

Angel, what's happening with your job search? Any good leads?

rickn8or said...

The current outbreak of measles has a foreign source, alright, but not the ones you'd think:

"The chief of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases says the outbreak, which involves a measles strain similar to ones seen in Indonesia, Qatar, Azerbaijan, and Dubai..."

"4. People who travel in and out of the US LEGALLY must provide proof of inoculations."

Since you can't simply swim across a river from any of those places, it follows that a legitimate traveler is not the source. Coming across the border, alright, but the long way around. Which makes me think it wasn't an accident but a deliberate act of biological warfare.

Any presidential candidate or politician that talks approvingly of "amnesty" is not our friend, and needs to be slapped down promptly and loudly.

fjord said...

Awhile back they were blaming it on the Amish. It's Convenient. Nobody has any critical thinking skills anymore. This is why they have to shut the internet down or control it through net neutrality. They need to control the narrative (and the vast majority are stupid/lazy enough to swallow it, because recognizing the truth means having to do hard things).

re: elephant in the room:

This is an overall delusion of a large part of the population. For the past two days they've been talking about (on FOx) the girl involved in a traffic accident who called the 911 operator and he was "rude" to her, asking her where they were and telling her to stop whining.
Much discussion over why he wasn't getting the information extracted over what her location is.

ASSHOLES. The address or location pops up on their computer screen immediately,that's the 911 charge you see on your bill when you buy a new phone, and it's on residential too. If you media people actually did your job and reported the truth, someone would point that out. They are all shills.

The other elephant in the room is that we are being overlorded by treasonous bastards who have sold us out to foreign and corporate interests. That everything is a lie. There is no economic recovery. We are living in a communist country. All that's left is the head smashing and abductions in the middle of the night. ... OH wait...

wirecutter said...

Damn, Fjord's a self thinker as well as a history buff.
Right on.

hiswiserangel said...

if she was calling from a cell phone, location doesn't pop up. It only pops up automatically from a land line. said...

The MMR is a live virus vaccine, meaning all three viruses contained in it - measles (rubeola), mumps, rubella (German measles) are live attenuated (supposedly made weak and not dangerous) viruses. The CDC package insert for the vaccine notes that you can *get* measles from the vaccine. Not only that, but the side effects of the vaccine are the SAME as the disease - because it's a live virus.

Something no one has brought up but concerns me is that people who are immunocompromised should not receive the vaccine because it's live virus. Well, what about all the kids who *do* receive the vaccine and then proceed to shed live virus for up to a month after being vaccinated (meaning they can infect others)? Why are they allowed to be around immunocompromised children in school? If the unvaccinated are such a threat, why are the vaccinated ones not, when they are KNOWN AND DOCUMENTED to be a potential source of contagion?

Number of deaths from measles 1998-2005: 10. Number of deaths from the vaccine 1998-2005: 100. Number of deaths from measles 2005-2015: ZERO.

Also, I do NOT get how 87 people, NATIONWIDE, is an epidemic.

I've had measles even though I was vaccinated, because the immunity wears off. I'm immune for life now though.