Saturday, March 7, 2015

DIY Cedar Smokehouse

Alrighty then, it's Saturday and you have a couple of days with nothing to do (snerkle). I challenge you (if you don't already have one or three) to add a cedar smokehouse to your homestead. Not a huge footprint and imminently useful. Get to work.

For a complete materials list and complete directions


wirecutter said...

It's probably banned here in Kalifornia.

drjim said...

One of my uncles back in Illinois had one that was built a lot like that.

Worked great!

Anonymous said...

Since you are in west Texas, how is tumbleweed smoked bacon?

Anonymous said...

I like it too, but the frickin' woodpeckers around here would riddle it with holes very quickly, the bastards ! A masonry base with galvanized corrigated steel panels might be worth working with though.