Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My week (so far)

Yesterday was Monday, start of a week with spouse on the road to Canada for 8 days and Cute Chicks in school for five. Otherwise known as Five Days of Mom Time. You know, time to do laundry and clean bathrooms and perform a tune-up on the little Buick and.... you get the picture.

So the week after a time change is always rough with the Chicks, always a struggle to reset, so my Monday morning started at 3 am (new 4 am) with a Cute Chick Run through the House Party. I finally get them settled knowing full well I'll be dragging them out of bed at 7 for school. Alarm goes off, clothes go on, I'm upright and dressed and ready to start the party. Of course their Royal Cutenesses are pissed at being awoken in the middle of the night, but I get them up, dressed, and fed by 7:30 am. Lunches packed, backpacks located, and we're off. On the way, Teen Queen starts coughing so hard she starts gagging and I think, "Oh great, there goes one of my days off," you know, completely sympathetic to her misery; I text her teacher that I'm keeping her home and get a rapid response:

"Why don't you keep them both since it's Spring Break?"


"Oops, we didn't tell you last week. Moved up a week for the boys and girls basketball regional championship tournament. See you next week!"

WELL FUCK!!!!!!!

Not that I don't enjoy spending time with Their Majesties, but I need to be prepared, you know? Next week is Spring Break for every other school around, and there were some really great activities that I'd planned for the Sweet Things. There was a hands on Herp Exhibit at the zoo that was right down TQ's alley and bowling for BQ.  But no, I've got a whole week of nothing for them plus I can't get half of what I'd had planned for me. Goodbye mani-pedi, summer waxing and massage. I know, quit bitching.

So now I've got two chicks primed for school. One of the hardest things for autistic kiddos is a sudden change in schedule, first trigger of meltdowns. I drive by the school, doing a tour guide's patter, "And as you can see coming up on the left is the High School gym where BQ normally has 1st period PE. Note the lack of vehicles in the parking lot indicating Spring Break..." and I drove past. She was NOT amused. I went on to TQ's drop off, same patter, same response. And we headed home.
Constant meltdowns and unrest all day. Tears, screaming, throwing shit; and the girls were just as bad. Fortunately, we all wore ourselves out and went to bed fairly early. Slept all night and got up to a new start.

BQ has settled into vacation mode fairly easily, but TQ's cough has gotten worse. I don't know how much is actual illness and how much is OCD tic. She'll get into a routine of something and then subconsciously adapt it as a neural tic. She barked at a little yappy dog once and then obsessively barked for 6 months. It's nerve wracking and irritating, but I know it's as rough on her as it is on me and she's not doing it on purpose. So we're headed to the doctor's tomorrow. This should be fun since I couldn't find anyone to stay with BQ.

Right now, I'm toast. I've given up. I'm whupped. Sitting here in a little sundress and bare feet (it's sunny and 70s) slamming Malbec like Kool-aid and listening to The Eagles Greatest Hits Vol. I & II, and counting down to next week. I'm going to make it, right? RIGHT???


BWBandy said...

Are you sure the spouse isn't defecting to Canada?

Xenolith said...

You'll make it! Total faith in ya!

Critter said...

I shall raise a glass of malbec in sympathy with you.

DoubleTroubleTwo said...

Hugs Chickie :-)

Mark Jewell said...

Hang in there my dear, big hugs to you!