Friday, September 25, 2015

KTKC Update from Dennis


Just a short 24 hours ago, we crossed the $2,500 barrier, and added a third holster to the giveaway. The next holster gets added to the give-away if we cross a total of $3,750 in donations.

As of 1PM today (Friday) we're at $3,423....a mere $327 away from adding yet ANOTHER crocodile-skin holster to the drawing, for a total of FOUR being given away.

Four of our Signature Valkyrie holsters, replete in Crocodile skin for the full-size 1911.

To all those who have donated and made our rookie outing one for the record books, THANK YOU!

If you haven't yet donated, PLEASE consider doing so, for a very good cause!

One out of Seven men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. One out of 38 will die from it. That means if you took 100 guys and tossed them in a room, fully 15 of them could have Prostate Cancer.

Out of those 15, three will die from it.

Those odds simply won't do.

Donate here:

If you wish to be entered in the holster drawing, simply forward your PayPal receipt to, and for every $5 you donated, you'll get one entry in the hat. Donate $10, your name is in twice. Donate $20, its in four times.

If you don't want a holster, thats OK to, its not a requirement. smile emoticon

And lastly...a repeat picture, because I really HATE the one I took last night in the hopes of posting it today...."

Now, imagine if you dare,
Wirecutter, bare chested, white legs gleaming like ivory,
a soft California breeze lifting the hem of his miniskirt....


Sarthurk said...

Now, you didn't have to make that last statement. I think I'm going to be sick! Just for that, I'm going to make a donation to help old WC out.

My crusade is, and always has been, to tell guys what I've had to endure. It's no fun. But I had no choice. My first PSA test was through the roof. The digital exam (think rubber glove here) revealed nothing. So don't think the PSA test is worthless(contrary to what the MSM is telling you) I then had the totally toasted gland removed (this was not fun at all). Early this year my PSA level from .01 (after surgical removal of cancerous gland, started climbing and doubled in a short time. Oh crap, it actually did go somewhere else (metastasis). I drove 110 miles round trip, every day, for two months, on a dangerous highway to have radiation treatments. I won't go into details, but it's not that fun. The good news is, that they must have been frying the right area, because the PSA level has plummeted, and the upcoming test in December might bring more good news. God knows I could use some.
I'm very thankful for having insurance. The bill right now, if unpaid would be in the range of a little over $100K.
Keep in mind, I had the aggressive fast growing variety of this cancer. Most men have the much slower growing kind like my father has, and it's no great risk to him at this point (he's 83 now, and other issues are more serious).

So, folks, Get your tests done. Know where you stand, and deal with it. DON'T WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE 52 to check! I would recommend age 40 for a PSA test to find your baseline. Then go from there.

Anonymous said...

If I by any chance winn a holster would it have a Square and Compass on it?

DragonLW said...

Hi Anon,

I made all of the ones for this fundraiser in croc, for a 1911, no embossings.

That said, as long as you are a card-carrying Mason (I'll need a copy of your fully-paid-up dues card, front and back) in good standing with your Lodge, you can swap the holster for an IDENTICAL holster made with the embossing. (In other words it must be made with croc skin, not snakeskin, alligator, elephant, buffalo, etc.)

I also can't customize easily for a different gun, so it will still be for a 1911, full size.

Hiram684 said...

Past Master Dormont-Whitehall Lodge #684 Pennsylvania 1979. What would be the cost of one outright? Thanks a Fellow Traveler.

DragonLW said...

Drop me an e-mail at

I'll let you know what the price is to a Brother Mason.

rickn8or said...

Rogering what Sarthurk said. Get them both, the Digital Rectal Exam and the PSA.

As a Naval Aviator, I started getting the at 35, but can't swear about the PSA though. I was asymptomatic, even peed good, but my PSA showed up "in the green."

I didn't have surgery; my oncologist and urologist played "Battleship" on my prostate with Iodine torpedoes.

Three and a half years later, still all good.

The docs can't fix it if you run and hide from them, so you guys get checked and you ladies nag your men to do so.

pigpen51 said...


I admire everything you are doing here. I don't expect to win one of your truly outstanding holsters, however, if I do, then I guess I will just have to bite the bullet and buy me my first 1911.

I really can't afford one, but if I have such a glorious holster, I would take that as a sign and I am not one to turn my back on such things.

Again, thanks from MI for doing a really great thing and helping to fight for a great cause.

DragonLW said...

Heya PigPen51,

You, Sir, are most Welcome! :-)

Keith Pearson said...

As of 8:40 pm Central, Team Dragon is up by over $200! Way to go, y'all!

Mr. Miracle said...

Great effort by all. But, it seems to me that if Angel made the same promise WC did, the competition would be over fairly quickly. Just saying.