Thursday, September 17, 2015


this is why the Powers are so keen on wiping out Southern heritage.


Robert Fowler said...

We need rope control. We have to keep rope out of the hands of criminals. Think of the children.

Anonymous said...

Old Forrest could also teach folks a thing or two about "formal education." He never had any formal military training (like from West Point, VMI, etc, but was one of the most brilliant commanders of the first Civil War. You have to like a guy who enlisted as a private and worked his way up to high command! Sort of like high school dropouts who go on to establish valuable companies. On the other hand, many folks are educated, but still dumb as a box of rocks.

I know folks down south like to call that first Civil War "The War of Northern Aggression" but it should really be called "The War of FEDERAL aggression" because that's what Civil War II is about to become.


Anonymous said...

Are IT people usually armed?

Anonymous said...

The Powers That Be don't seem to understand that you cannot eliminate rebellion or defiance. These things are two of the only known things in the universe that can spring up out of the ground from nothing. Every child is born with them and it often takes ten to fifteen years of parenting and institutional schools to beat it out of him.

No matter how wonderful you make society, there will be someone who wants nothing to do with it and someone else who wants to burn it to the ground. The less wonderful it is and the more people you will have who will chip in gasoline. The war of 1861 didn't create NBF.

pigpen51 said...

My son was raised by my ex in KY from age 9 on. He is now in the U.S. Navy. We have talked often about the civil war, and we both agree that even though people hate to hear it, Abe Lincoln was really not the hero that everyone would like him to be. From sending troops to attack citizens on our own soil, to federal control of newspapers and arresting their editors for not toeing the line, he didn't let the Constitution stop him from anything.

Many people in the country think that the war was fought over slavery, but it was fought over the south being given a raw deal by the north. The north knew it, but they didn't care, and kept on pushing, having all the industry in the north while the south only had basically an agrarian society.

Slavery was a terrible thing. It still exists today in many parts of the world, and should be stopped. But what many fail to understand is that most slave owners would never dream of being cruel to slaves or not ensuring that they were physically taken care of. It was simply a matter of economics. The truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow, but to many slave holders, slaves were just like livestock, and they would never hurt their draft horses. They had a huge financial investment in them.

I have heard talk since I was young of secession by one state or another. I never gave it any credence. However, now I wonder if maybe things are starting to line up to where it might become more of a reality. And if so, what will be the end result? I would imagine the same as the first time. Civil war. But I predict a different outcome this time.

People are mad, scared, frustrated, and looking for someone to blame. I think that the types are the ones who will be the ones to be first in line for the blame and the rope. The ones holding the rope will probably surprise everyone. I think it is more likely to be the school teacher, the small town drugstore owner, the out of work factory worker, rather than the politically active, radical, pro-liberty shouting, crazy type that the feds are on the look out for. Their number is really insignificant when compared to the number of pissed off lower to middle class Americans who finally have had enough and decide that it really is time to stand up and take the country back.

I hope I am wrong and that a new election with fresh ideas and new blood can ignite a fire of liberty in the country that burns from coast to coast. But I have pretty much given up hope for that to happen. I just hope that I see our country turn around in my lifetime.

To anon, IT people aren't always armed. Only the wise ones.

Anonymous said...

it was the was War of Southern Secession...we were a united nation
so go ahead...georgia secede....and if ohio comes to kick your ass....dont fucking cry as you die....we are a nation....or wisconsin/ minnesota

Anonymous said...

WHEN Texas pulls out....tell ohio to bring it, if they think they are so badass....we will be kind enough to ship the bodies (what is left of them) back to the bugeye state.....

vaquero viejo

pigpen51 said...

i don't like the idea of secession. but i don't like the idea of federal tyranny either. the 9th and 10th amendments are there for a reason.