Sunday, January 22, 2017

President Trump's Move! program

Now if he can just get them to "bend and reach" the trash cans.


Anonymous said...

They also reported a massive shortage of port-a-potties.

You'd think a Women's march organized by women would think about that.


SunwolfNC said...

They espouse their critical views on the environment and how our planet's resources cannot be exploited for political gains.
Sure looks like they follow their own message...oh, wait, no it doesn't

Steve said...

Typical liberal hypocrisy - rant and rave about how conservatives / libertarians are going to rape and pillage mother gaia - trash mother gaia at their demonstrations.

Anonymous said...

If you see any of these signs, especially the thick foamcore type, pick them up.

They made great targets for the range. Mother Goya first after all.

Might make a good video.

Anonymous said...

Just like BO leaving another mess for Trump to clean up.

Anonymous said...

should have had the babes that ride with all the bikers for Trump "clean up" the marchers.....THAT would have been some good viewing!

vaquero viejo

rickn8or said...

One of the barking moonbats on FB was attributing all the trash to a lack of receptacles provided by the DC government.

To that I say "You packed that shit in, didn't you? Why can't you pack it out? Don't you want to save your mementos of your 15 minutes of fame?"