Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sorry for posting this


Anonymous said...

Are you part Canadian? We seem to be the ones normally apologizing for being who we are?


Andrew said...

Not just you. Raised in The Conservative Church of Catholic Guilt. First words out of my mouth when someone says anything to me are, "I'm sorry."

Is so bad that once I said, "I'm sorry, I love you." to my wife, and she immediately responded, "I'm sorry I love you, too."

I communicate much more effectively over the internet, because I can erase the obligatory "I'm sorry," and get right to the meat of the matter, which is usually being an annoying turd, so, well, I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

yoda sayeth...No sorry! irritate or irritate not!

vaquero viejo

Buzz D said...

I loved the song. I am another "I'm sorrier". Bad habit learned from birth and the Catholic Church. I am so sorry to have to write this. I am sorry if I offended anybody.

fjord said...

I say sorry to animals.