Monday, January 30, 2017

The struggle is real

He'd better have SPF5000 on those tootsies.


Anonymous said...

Hell, the refection off the water is enough to burn people with a red-heads complexion.


KnottaRobot said...

Ginger-bred man.

Granny said...

Gingers are to be kept well away from direct sunlight. Reflected sunlight is just an added burden.

Andrew said...

I feel ya. Pasty white blond with light eyes. I can fry during sunset.

Sun be bad. I think vampires have it easier than me.

Seriously had a doctor tell me it wasn't worth it to get vitamin D the natural way, as the chance of skin cancer definitely outweighed any bonuses of sun exposure. He was telling me this as he was carving out a basil cell carcinoma. Never realized that his last name started with a Z or that he had shaky hands, until the scar healed up.

Ogrrre said...

Back when I had hair, it was red. Blue eyes, fair skin. I can get moonburn on nights with a full moon. I got some bitchin' sunburns when I was a kid. There was, and is, no such thing for me as a tan.