Friday, February 6, 2015

Do you have your mancard?

So how many of you have it completely punched out?


Randy H said...

I got 6

c w swanson said...

Excellent. I gotta work on the log cabin building, a la Dick Prenneke, then live there until you are ridiculously old.

Dick said...

Too busy raising kids, paying mortgages and being a good husband to do these "manly" things. 22 year interruption by the US Navy also took away valuable time I could have spent doing these hairy chested manly things. I'm just a wuss.

genericviews said...

Carry a buck skin knife? Those don't sound too sharp. Was that suppossed to be a "Buck" knife? Or a knife for skinning bucks? If the second, it would work equally well on Does so, why call it that? But buckskin is one of the worth materials to make a knife out of. Even paper would cut deeper.

bayouwulf said...

My list of tasks so far.

*Beard with waxed handlebar moustash.
*Nine stitch scar on my chin from motorcycle wreck. Also skull fractures (1982)
*Use to kill and eat rattlesnakes.
*Rescued dogs to prevent trip to the pound.
*Stopped a man from beating his girlfriend by holding a Mauser rifle on him.
*Drink any Scotch or Bourbon neat.
*Owned a HD for over two decades. Rebuilt the engine twice.
*Learned Blacksmithing to learn to make knives.

(does Kilt wearing count?)

Angel eyes said...

If ya need a frickin card...

Robert Fowler said...

8. Being bit by a rattle snake sucks big time.

My face is about the only place I don't have scars. The last time I got 16 staples in my noggin. SW said she could see my skull.

I finally shaved the beard off.

Bourbon, neat

I've been welding since I was 11.

I've rescued dogs and cats.

Smoked a pipe when I was younger. Now I like a good cigar. Plus the 2 pack a day habit.

I've overhauled everything from a 1 cylinder Briggs and Straton to a 1106 Caterpillar and everything in between.

*back in the day, I could kick Steve McQueens ass.

I've got a knife for skinning bucks. Is that what they mean? Or is it a knife in a buckskin sheath? That I don't have. Mines in a cowhide sheath.

Never stopped a purse snatcher. I did however use a gun to stop a guy (much larger) from kicking my ass once. He suddenly remember that he needed to be somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Steve McQueen?!?

Should that not be Chuck Norris or Clint Eastwood?

Ian Restil said...

Is epic in the eye of the grower or beholder?

Buckskin clarifications have already been requested.

Would the PCT be an adequate substitute?

How is Steve McQueen manliness being metrified?

Does a better whisky than The Glenlivet qualify?

Does 34 stitches reattaching left ear torn off in rugby match qualify as a huge face scar?

Is 12 point Western or Eastern count?

Sarthurk said...

Man Card? We don't need no stinking man card.
By the way, I killed the snake after it bit me, and fell in love with the nurse who gave me morphine shots every hour, all night long. but then I had to go home.

JeremyR said...

9. built the log cabin when I was a brat. almost amputated my heel with a hatchet while notching the logs.
Beard? Yes, It hides my mugly ugh.
1/10 as manly as McQueen? Must we stoop that low? OK, boil some more eggs. Hike the Appalachian trail? Double down, walk through any ghetto after dark. Did that in Savannah GA. They still have not found my body.

B said...

I don't need a card.

Tony Tsquared said...

My card has a few differences:
I have the beard
I carry a Benchmade
I know how to weld
I did the lumberjack mess as a teenager
I never go hiking alone - better to get lost with a girl
Engine rebuilding - V-twin or V8? I have both in my garage
Steve McQueen had his own man card to worry about. I am only worried about mine.
Glenlivet 18 is OK but I prefer Balvini Double-cask 18
I built a 2000+ sf house 30+ years ago
The rattlesnake died, I am here
Cigars are more manly than a pipe
Scars hurt and I have enough
Not good with a bow but I have bagged my share of deer for food and I have the 9 lb largemouth bass hanging on the wall
I have driven the Nurburgring in a Jag XK
I have driven the same Jag at 165 mph on the Autobahn
I have been on 6 of the 7 continents
I know how to fly
I ride a Baqgger

I am still looking to add to it...

BWBandy said...

Scotch - Yes.
Weld - I did learn.
Scars - Not on the face.
Purse snatcher - Chased him down on foot. Also chased down a hit and run driver on foot in a parking lot, and reported drunk drivers seven different times.
Hike solo - Several times.
Rescued wild ducks, cats, dogs.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

how good does that weld have to be?