Monday, August 24, 2015

Just in case you thought your Monday sucked


drjim said...

A roommate of a friend had something similar happen, but it was in a factory that made breakfast cereal.

He was working on the production line that made "Team Flakes", and somehow got caught by the conveyor belt.

He was dragged over (it was an elevated belt) half the factory floor before they got it shut down.

It took another 30 minutes for the Fire Department to get him safely down from there, and his left arm was pretty chewed up.

He was out of work for about a year while they rebuilt his arm, and got a big settlement because there was no emergency stop button for that work station, and the should have been.

I never saw any X-rays of his arm, but he had a lot of scars from his shoulder to his finger tips....

Irish said...

Ok, two things. I worked, years ago, at a company that made cellulose insulation from ground up newspaper and fire retardants. It all went into a big hopper that stuffed the bags to 25-30 lbs. After that it went into an industrial bag stitcher and then to the conveyor that rolled them over and flattened them to about 3-4 inches so they would stack in an 18 wheeler. 2 week after I went back to high school a gut got his arm stuck in the flattener. He was most of the way through when someone hit the E stop. FD showed up and the disassembly would have taken hours. They decided he was going to be gone anyway so they turned it back on. He obviously didnt make.

Segue... I got this one in an email earlier

The next time you think you're having a really bad day, imagine this: You're a siamese twin. Your brother, attached at your shoulder is gay. You're not. He has a date coming over tonight. And you share the same asshole.

Angel eyes said...


Dan said...

Seen variations on this....also have seen a couple people chewed up pretty good by
boat props. Injuries of this type end up as an amputation 99% of the time. It's rare to save mangled extremities. It is amazing though the trauma that people falling on fence posts and looking like a shish ka bob.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, mother of God, it sucks to be him / her.

KM said...

A Civil War surgeon would have that taken care of in about 3 minutes.
I think he's gonna end up with the same result anyway...just with better drugs on board.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an old commercial diving (and other professions I'm sure) saying:
Don't put your fingers where you wouldn't put your dic*