Friday, August 28, 2015


Went in to see Dr. Janet today to get the packing removed from the hole in my shoulder and see if I needed stitches. Apparently I'm not done yet. She took the dressing off, and pulled the shunt and packing out, releasing a torrent, not a trickle, not a stream, a fucking torrent of vital bodily fluids. It gushed out my shoulder and down my back soaking my shorts and panties before the nurse could catch it with towels. I'm feeling a little light-headed again and she starts in on squishing the holy shitsnacks out of it, releasing a new torrent. At this point, feeling the pain and slightly nauseous, I ask if it's time to put a bandaid on it and let me go. I know, ever the optimist. Laughing like the sadist she it, Dr. Janet informed me that I wasn't quite there yet, but I was definitely better. 

Instead of being released, the wound got repacked and covered in what I can only call a wound sanitary napkin that I have to replace daily. And I have to go back for more torture on Monday. But I still have the pain meds. Thank God in Heaven, I still have my pain meds.


Rebecca said...

If the Hydrocodone doesn't do the trick then some dark chocolate is definitely in order.

Anonymous said...

Did she pull your hair when she did it?
I know, not funny but I couldln't help myself.
Sincerely hope it gets better soon. Thanks for the update. Don't wait so damn long next time you have an issue like that.

hiswiserangel said...

Rebecca, can't I have both?
Terry, I'm sticking my tongue out at you.

Anonymous said...

Should have video'd it and posted it on facetube.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're mending, even if it's not as quickly as you'd like.


drjim said...

Reminds me of when I had the MRSA that caused a huge, gaping hole on my right side just under my belt line.

It didn't require any packing, but I was changing out those bandages like she gave you about every 4~6 hours because they were soaked.

Took about 10 days of taking two antibiotics and a sulfa drug every 4 hours before we got it under control.

I was *this close* to being hospitalized in isolation and on on multiple IV's.

Anonymous said...

Holy shitsnacks, gotta remember that one


Anonymous said...

DAMN! nuff of that shit! apply chocolate AND Malbec ( when you are not on the chemicals)........

vaquero viejo