Thursday, September 3, 2015

A cold day in Hell

before I upgrade to Windows 10. I miss 7. 
8 sucks monkey balls. But no fucking way I'm switching to 10.


Anonymous said...

All our office is still on win 7. No way we are upgradingvto 8 or 10. Too many of our clients are telling us we can not keep their data on any win 10 or 8 machine.


drjim said...

And just today I read an article on ExtremeTech about all the "updates" Micro$oft is rolling out for Windoze 10 that let then snoop your data.

I'm just glad I run Linux......

Walpurgis said...

10 gives you the usage of 7, with the memory management of 8. I have had nothing but good experience with it since my day 1 upgrade. YMMV

Anonymous said...

my parents had their home computer updated to Win. 10. they were able to use it for 1 day & now, for the past week, the computer is not working!! The screen says,"preparing to update" for a week!!!

Anonymous said...

I have dual boot machine that runs Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop and windows 7.
I unplug the internet cable if I want to run 7. I have no reason to go online with 7. Ever. I run legacy CAD and a mapping program in 7. Everything else is done with Mint.

Have been very happy with this arrangement and I would encourage others to do something similar.


Unknown said...

I know this might be considered heresy, but did y'all ever consider a Mac? None of the above problems.

Anonymous said...

I thought I should post the privacy concerns with Win 10, and note that Microsoft is backporting them to Win8 & Win7. Lauren Weinstein is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) committee on computers and public policy.

Lauren Weinstein on Win 10

Win 10 privacy issue

Editorial: Sadly, How Windows 10 Reveals Microsoft's Ethics Armageddon

Windows 10's New Feature Steals Your Internet Bandwidth

Unknown said...

Was happy with 2000 pro, XP was okay, win 7 now and working nicely. Seriously considering some form of Linux right now. Apple stuff is pretty cool, but not really trusting it for security from Leviathan. Not that there is such a thing as security. Post accordingly.

Volfram said...

My no-go for Win10 is the binding arbitration agreement that comes with integrating Xbox Live. 8 is tolerable. I'll be switching to Linux next go-round.

Larry Thomson: Besides having to learn another operating system anyway, Mac costs on average 2-4x as much as a Windows PC, has less overall processing power(yes, still), can't be customized after the fact, and isn't supposed to be run on hardware you didn't buy directly from them. Linux has none of the hardware-based problems, and is actually even cheaper than Windows.

Also, almost all of the Mac users I've met are extremely liberal Democrats. It's probably the whole "Think whatever you're told to think" thing both groups do.

Strnj1 said...

...and despite their promises, after a short period of time you can't revert back to Windows 7 on that computer.

Once you're in 10, the very first thing you want to do is go to "settings" in the start menu and disable every single setting that invades your privacy. But then, did it do anything other than give you a menu of "settings" to make you feel better...??

Anonymous said...

I have a renegade programmer who runs my computer stuff, and we are hangin on to 7 until the ship goes down... some improvement is made to 10....or we retire....

vaquero viejo

Anonymous said...

I go way back to DOS days. I have had every version of Windows since 3.1 (except for Win 98, and I have no idea why I never got that one).

I loved Win 7. Win 8 was the worst thing ever done to computers. It was so bad it just made me ill every time I logged on.

I updated to Win 10 the first day possible, because I knew it couldn't possibly be any worse than Win 8. So far (knock on wood) I really like Win 10. Other than loosing the classic Control Panel, I have no complaints. This is the version of Windows that should have followed Win 7.

I have LINUX on one of my old PC's. It's fun to play with, but I have to use a lot of Windows software so that I can do some of my work at home, and that just isn't practical on LINUX.

And I will NEVER own an Apple computer. I have a serious issue with any company that is that proprietary with their product. The control both the OS and hardware. No thank you. My one experience using an Apple on a job for about 6 months was no fun either. When I resigned to take a job with another company, I told them that they really needed to switch to Windows for their business software applications. When I ran into my old boss a couple of years later, he told me that they did switch to Windows for word processing, spreadsheets and accounting, and kept Apples for creative software use. Everything ran much more efficiently after that.

Bottom line, if you have Win 7, you can keep using it. Win 10 isn't a major improvement on Win 7. But if you have that evil pile of garbage known as Win 8 on your PC, update yesterday!!!!!! You won't be sorry!

Volfram said...

I looked at Wikipedia this morning, and Apple has apparently doing everything Win10 does and more already. They contributed to PRISM.

Anonymous said...

If you care anything at all about privacy and security, you don't use any version Windows. It cannot be made secure.

All of Microsoft's spying apps cannot be disabled, by design (despite the little toggles that say "Don't share my info" and the such).

Volfram said...

Is this a good time to drum up publicity for ReactOS?

It's still in the longest early alpha in software history and barely runs when it does run, but I think it fills an important niche. Part of the problem is that the Linux community are so busy giving themselves an autocranial enema that they see anything relating to Windows as a bad thing. I saw one die-hard FOSS advocate go so far as to call something that lets people run their old and familiar software without being bound to Microsoft "evil."

Why? Because there's software written for Windows that is not free or is not open-source.

Anyway. Yeah, send some more hits their way, I'd like to see something come of the project.

drjim said...

It depends on what you want to use your PC for.

If all you want to do is surf the web and do email, then just run something reeeealy simple, like FreeDOS, with Arachne.

And that solution would run fine an old hardware that most people would throw away.....

Anonymous said...

I posted the issues with Microsoft & privacy above, and this just came out. If you normally apply patches on 'Patch Tuesday', you need to unclick the following patches, so they don't report home to the Borg.

Last week came the warning, now comes the roll out. One of the most controversial aspects of Windows 10 is coming to Windows 7 and 8. Microsoft has released upgrades which enable the company to track what a user is doing. The updates – KB3075249, KB3080149 and KB3068708 – all add "customer experience and diagnostic telemetry" to the older versions. gHacks points out that the updates will ignore any previous user preferences reporting: "These four updates ignore existing user preferences stored in Windows 7 and Windows 8 (including any edits made to the Hosts file) and immediately starts exchanging user data with and"

Also, more tracking