Tuesday, September 8, 2015

True Confessions

Yes, wirecutter banned me from the internet for a week.
No, he didn't really mean it.
No, he's not a meanie.
Okay, maybe he's a little bit of a meenie.

What's really going on is my shoulder thing flared up this weekend, went to the surgeon this morning, and had in in-office procedure that I can only liken to something from the Spanish Inquisition with long needles, syringes, fluid, injecting and suctioning, more injections, all under a local anesthetic.
The thingie had collapsed so much and started healing up, and the doc thought cutting on it would be more aggressive than necessary, so this treatment was supposed to be more "humane".

I've been shot full of steroids, given a 30-day antibiotic regimen, and advised that the next 4 days are going to be rough as the drugs and infection fight it out. Fever, site pain, nausea and a general feeling of ick are to be expected. I have Advil liqui-gels for the fever, my pain meds, and ice packs for the swelling. I also have Godiva chocolates and booze if it gets too much.

This is the real reason I graciously accepted the banning. I'm just not feeling up to finding pics or writing posts. I can't even summon the energy to harass wirecutter.

So please, forgive him, he's inno-, he's innoce-, okay, I can't in good conscience type that. Just be nice to him.


Granny said...

Would the word you are looking for be innocuous? It sure as shootin' isn't innocent. Seriously though, take it easy and get better. Lots of T.L.C. headed your way`

Wind River Ranger said...

Years ago when working in an ER in a big city hospital we on numerous occasions drained infections such as you describe. You should be happy it was on your shoulder. There are many worse places.

pigpen51 said...

Maybe the word is insufferable. Incorrigible. I will quit. He reads this and he was gracious enough to answer a question for me today and I shouldn't encourage you.

Seriously, though, follow doctors instructions and lay low as you heal and do try and rest as much as you can. These infections can be a serious thing if you don't keep on top of them.

Anonymous said...

if I could kiss it and make it better, I would....but with my luck the kiss would be full of germs, and.......!!!!!

vaquero viejo

AbbyS said...

Hope you have some good yogurt or pro-biotics to help you along. I was on anti-biotics for 2 weeks. Still ain't what you'd call 'regular'. I know, TMI. Sorry. But take care of you!!!!

rickn8or said...

Get well quickest!

wirecutter said...

What the fuck makes you think I was joking???

hiswiserangel said...

Because you think I'm cute and funny?