Saturday, November 28, 2015

Blue collar 70s football

I really miss the old football teams, journeymen players who were gladiators,
playing for the love of the game, the competition, the grit and blood and mud.
The John Matusaks, Dick Butkuses, and Rocky Bleiers
who played through the pain, who'd never bitch and whine.
I miss the tough quarterbacks like Roger Staubach and Terry Bradshaw.
Now we've got thugs and hood rats, entitlement mentality players
and I just don't enjoy watching the sport anymore.


Anonymous said...

Fully agree - I loved the game when I played it in grade school, HS & the Marine Corps version (Guerillaball) - I loved watching the game when Men still played it.


The Old Man said...

Been a Browns fan since 1957. This MAY have been our finest hour WRT the lawyers. On the upside, Art is gone. On the downside, the Browns still suck rocks. Mayhap my grandkids will see the Browns get into and lose the Superbowl. I have hope.

stevierayv said...

I'm gonna let it slide that you mentioned 2 steelers.
I assume you know this is a very serious breach of all that is holy.
Next time there will be pain.

Anonymous said...

It went down the shitter when the delicate darlings started wearing gloves.

Turd Burglestein said...

I quit watching when they outlawed the endzone celebrations. In between that and all the rules on how you can hit, that sucked all the fun out of watching a game for me.