Friday, November 27, 2015

Update: Wirecutter Legal Defense Fund

Sometime during the wee morning hours, Ken's goal was reached and he asked me to shut it down and pull the post, which I did. However, foodgrower had a great comment:

"That is great news and Ken again demonstrates the man he is by not taking advantage of folks generosity.

This also demonstrates how big the real III (and silent III) is and what happens if you even nudge the sleeping giant.

I do however disagree with the decision to pull the post, turn off the request for help by all means once Ken said to, but the original post should be part of the continuing public record of crap coming out of Idaho that taints the entire III. 

Folks doing web searches should be able to get both sides of the story of what is going on in Idaho, not just the full court pr job the kerodins are trying to maintain. 


And Cavmedic offered this:

"Anonymous said...
Right, you pulled the wirecutter
'titty Tuesday,' T&A idiocy, defense
fund post because the "goal was reached
in less than 24 hours."
Your defense fund post was online barely
a few hours.

So I'd like to address Cav's comment first. The original schedule for the post was 11/26/15 at 10:11 am. It came down at 7:26 am this morning. 21 hours or so. I'm not exactly sure what your beef is, but those are the facts.

And foodgrower, I agree with you, so the post is back up. Ken respectfully and gratefully requests the donations hold up. 


Okay folks, you probably read it over at wirecutter's HERE, but I'm going to give you a quick rundown for anyone who doesn't know what's been going on lately. A couple of months ago, some of us Patriots started talking, comparing notes, and coming up with questions about some of the goings on with the Kerodins, specifically III Arms Founding Members funds. Jim Miller posted what he had, Mason Dixon Tactical, wirecutter, and George Patton all posted asking very pertinent clear questions.

Now, growing up, Poppy instilled in me a sense of honor and integrity. If I'm ever questioned on my actions, and I'm innocent, I will answer the questions clearly, with evidence, and expect an apology forthwith. If I'm guilty, and yes, I have been guilty before, this is where the honor and integrity really have to shine. If I'm guilty, honor dictates that I confess and make amends, no matter how much it hurts. If I've done something to offend or hurt someone(s), I am duty bound to admit my guilt and accept the repercussions. Now, human nature is geared towards self defense and many would take the easy way out by lying or deflecting, by accusing someone else or at least offering excuses for their bad behavior. Poppy would have none of that; and believe me, when you realize that actions and choices have repercussions, you're more likely to choose good actions with good results. Sadly, that's not the story of the Kerodins.

Easy questions to answer; if they did nothing wrong, easy enough to prove and it all goes away with apologies. If they did do something wrong, then fess up and take your licks, honor and integrity demand it. So what do they do? They attack Mason Dixon, making false accusations to his employer trying to get him disciplined or fired. Not just underhanded, but outright despicable. All they had to do was answer the damn questions.

And now, they're going after Ken Lane.

Holly Kerodin slapped him with an Order of Protection, which is what the court case was about yesterday. She specifically requested that the court force him to surrender his guns. WTF? Unlike Sam, Ken has NEVER threatened physical violence to anyone, especially the Kerodins. But she's so afraid of Ken, she's demanding the court disarm him. The second case is suing for money for "damaging her reputation". Uh-huh. I think they did a good enough job of that on their own.

But the result of this bullshit is Ken has had to retain a lawyer (who knew his defense fund would need to be activated because of a "fellow Patriot"?) with all the expenses that entails. Not only is this a specious case designed to damage, harass, and potentially disarm Ken, it's an assault on all Patriots. A "warning" not to cross the Kerodins. Don't ask questions, don't look behind the curtain.

This is an attack on all of us, Ken is just paying the price today. Who knows who will be next?

So we're rallying the troops. If you can, please donate. A little means a lot, nobody has to be a hero. Ken is the last person in the world to ask for help, he's one of those TRUE Men who would suck it up and deal with it quietly rather than asking for help. So I know this bugs him, but tough noogies, I'm doing it for all of us. The Kerodins need to know if they attack one of us, they attack ALL of us.

I'm not going to set up a special GoFundMe or anything, just link to his PayPal and mailing address. I know and trust him, and know he'll cut it off when the goal is reached.

Mailing: Ken Lane
               P.O. Box 1996
               Ceres, CA 95307


Anonymous said...

I a similar comment over on georgepatten when it gets posted and second this call for crowd funding legal expenses.

This is a new low, but what do you expect from a couple of folks of low morals.

Even though low, this black cloud does have a silver lining. If we, as the real III, can come up with the funds for some legal hours, the kerodins have opened themselves up to discovery and civil discovery is much broader than criminal discovery. Imagine what a couple of legal eagles could find when they bulldoze through the records of king kerodin and spouse, especially when a court orders them to open their records for full discovery.

I don't know what fed is running them but they just stepped on their dicks should Ken decide to take this opportunity and run with it. He is now in a position to expose the guts of the whole wretched idaho operation.

Our family doesn't have much cash money but I will be supporting this even if I have to sell something to raise the funds.


Dapandico said...

Already pitched in.

Wraith said...

Sent. May Almighty God bless all the genuine Patriots out there, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Sdv1949 said...

I've sent what I could afford. Hope to send more soon.

Anonymous said...

On it on Friday. Again I say Sam K. is a FedGov tool. Steve in KY

drjim said...

Thanks for the nudge, Angel.

The wife and I are in Colorado for Thanksgiving, and I had too many things on my mind when I read Ken's blog to make the connection and kick him a few $$......

Happy Thanksgiving!

wirecutter said...

Wow. Thank you Angel, and thanks to each and every one of you that's coming to a Patriot's aid.
Once again, I'm truly humbled by Patriots' good hearts. This is the kind of people I'm proud to be a part of.
The money for the attorney was borrowed from my in-laws. They loaned it to me without question (that should tell you what they think of me) and while it was understood to be a short term loan, I was really wondering just how in the hell I was going to pay it back.
Thank you one and all for your kind thoughts, prayer and help.
-Kenny Lane

drjim said...

As Angel said, we tend to take care of our own.....

J Bogan said...

OOOoooooo. Way to step off the porch Carolyn. I am gonna get my LOYYA....

Critter said...


Skip said...

Sent. Our tribe has your six.

Anonymous said...

Sending first thing in the morning.


Andrew said...


Anonymous said...

Proud to help!

Lantry said...

I didn't have a whole lot to send but I sent a little.

Volfram said...

Wow, the Kerodins sound like Hillary supporters.

hiswiserangel said...

Oh, burn!!!!

AlanD said...


Anonymous said...



Angel eyes said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck Obama and his minion

Rob said...

Done, thanks.

Steve Ramsey said...

Done. Keep us posted of any shortfall, and I'll dig a little deeper if we need to.

Imagine that. Holly the martial arts trained arms merchant with the knife infatuated, ersatz commando old man, playing the skeerd woman from near a thousand miles away and across 2 state lines.

That's pretty damned disrespectful of women who are legitimately in danger.

Anonymous said...

Done, sent what I can this week.

Actually I think they demanded his guns be confiscated because they know it makes a statement.


Anonymous said...

Payday is Friday, Ken... I'm in. - stormfriend sends

Wraith said...

@ Steve Ramsey: Excellent point.

Anonymous said...


pdwalker said...

What a bunch of bastards.

They are doing this to shut up any opposition to their cheating ways. I hope this whole nonsense is thrown out of court.

Dapandico said...

They can farook off. Some of us donated before the post.

millerized said...

Having met Cavmedic, I didn't think he was that stupid. Hopefully must be a different one than I'd met. But, obviously, no matter how much daylight you pump up kerodin'ass to scatter the roaches, some folks like it being dark in there.

Anonymous said...

I think Sammy has multiple blogger accounts and likes talking to himself. If "Cavmedic" had a clue...

The silent III, I like that.

If more funds are needed put the word out. We got your back.

Lisa Lane said...

Miss Leslie and to those that have commented and donated, I would like first of all to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support, kind words, prayers, well wishes, and your insightful observations. I feel as if my husband is under attack. I know him to be an honest, upfront trustworthy man. He is incapable of hurting a woman. I know he hurts for me though, because he feels that he is "putting me through" this with him. He is NOT! I will stand and fight to the end for him, because he is in the right. He is a respecter of All men, with a bit of a crude sense of humor..but I consider that part of his charm, she is calling it racism. It is the furthest thing from the truth. Going through this process, the stress for Ken is two fold, because he is worried for me. As we only had about 45 minutes to respond to her mountain of paper "evidence" that we never got a chance to see prior to court....which is an issue for me....we had those minutes to drive back to our home to print things in opposition to her mountain, to bring back. As we were walking through the parking garage at the courthouse, I fell, I simply did not see the cement car stop and tripped over it, it has to do with my AMD...and Ken blames himself....because I usually hold his arm when we are walking, and he was, well hell we both were, rushing to make it back in court. It hurt him that I fell, he felt that he fell down on the job of taking care of me.
Now I say, is that a man that would even think of harming a woman?

I started this comment just to thank you all so very much, because this is stressful only because they are trying to take Kens guns, take his money, hurt him. Just hurt him. Back door people make back alley moves. Its wrong. As to what Steve Ramsey said, complete disrespect is being paid to women who have actually been stalked and abused, and I thank you for recognizing that. I appreciate you all, your kindness touches my heart deeply, it means so much more than you will ever know, to me, and to Ken, we will never be able to express the totality of it to you.

I hope I have said nothing here that will harm his case. I can only say that if honesty will hurt him, then we have already lost. But this I refuse to believe. Thank you all.

hiswiserangel said...

And that, fellow Patriots, is why Miss Lisa will always have my deepest love and respect.

rickn8or said...

Somehow spaced seeing the Legal Defense bleg.

Rectified that due to Angel's follow-up.

Anonymous said...

Walkback, backwalk, your steaming
pile of shit.
Quite right, millerized, we have never
I am not the cavmedic you thought me
to be.
At least this blog has the decency
not to censor, for the moment.


Anonymous said...

there's so much i could/want to say....but my thumbs would mail will go out tomorrow got another donation on the way....

bison dude

Anonymous said...

cavmedic said>>> At least this blog has the decency
not to censor, for the moment.

me>>> can you say the same about Sammy?

Granny said...

The post from Miss Lisa broke my heart.
That is the insidious part of all this, not the legal hassles; they can be dealt with, it's the eroding of your spirit.
This will not happen because they are strong as a couple.
It has occurred to me that this deluded bitch (sorry righteous female canines) might just be rethinking the choices she made by hooking up with a loser.
Stay strong Ken, and Miss Lisa, you have an ARMY of people who will back you up until this mess goes away.

hiswiserangel said...

Cavmedic, I have the utmost faith in my readers' intelligence and ability to make decisions on their own. I don't feel it necessary to censor comments, but prefer to allow assholes free reign in displaying their assholery. Knock yourself out.


J Bogan said...

Man the fucking Hyman family is really deeply pissing me off. The reality is the III movement is made up of individuals. Everyone has their own moral compass, but in the end, we are solid patriots, that have a goal of returning America to Constitutional rule. The Hymans are none of that. They are a money making scam melded with a cult of personality. Their goals are THEIR goals, not something bigger. Not something benevolent, and for sure not something dedicated to restoring our Republic. And if restoring the republic means with Christian Kerodin, and his small wooden wife are at the top of the pyramid, it will mean we have lost far more than we have gained.

These people need to be shunned. Those that choose to defend them need to be shunned. Their goals are not our goals, their restored liberty is not liberty as understood by thinking people. They need to dry up and go away. Remember, they are from the DC area, and they typify the sort of people that live here, work for the Government hive, and are destroying America...

Anonymous said...

I've been watching this drama play out since the whole citadel story broke in our St. Maries Gazette. Couple of years ago I guess now? I've read all the blogs. This one, III arms, Knuckledraggin, III percent, SSI etc. Never had any reason to post a reply. However, somewhere out there a guy named Razor is probably busting his guts from laughing. How could so many people who appear to be of at least normal IQ fall victim to a convicted extortionist is beyond me. Good luck you all too bad you pissed away all the warning signs!!

hiswiserangel said...

I will never apologize for or be ashamed of giving someone a chance, benefit of the doubt. However, I am smart enough to cut my losses when I learn I was wrong about someone.
And from some things I've heard from others, Razor wasn't a good guy either.

DoubleTroubleTwo said...

Prayers to Ken & Lisa ! Hope they get this taken care of! Some people are just aweful ...

pigpen51 said...

I am sorry I was slow on the draw and didn't get a donation sent out right away. I will be better prepared in case this thing drags out longer than expected.
I for one am not at all surprised at the response from the patriots to the need of one of their own. You see the MSM call us racists and haters, who think only of ourselves, but the response from someone who is in need is always taken care of without thought of our own needs or wants.
I could pile on the Kerodin's at this point, but for what? Everyone here knows what they are all about, just from their actions and their website. What I would like to say is I know that Wirecutter is an above board, all around good guy, who treats women with uncommon courtesy and compassion. I have never met him, but I know this simply from having read the few things his wife has written. If a man is able to get a woman of such an obvious high caliber, outstanding grace and loyalty to marry him, then there is no way on God's green earth that he could ever treat any woman badly.
I know this time they are going through really sucks, and no one can go through it for them. But, if Wirecutter is required to miss a lot of work time because of it, I think it would be totally appropriate to let us know so we might help him with just a little breathing room. I am sure he would never ask.
At the very least, I know I will keep them both in my thoughts and prayers.

JC Dodge said...

Well Anon 2:43, no good deed goes unpunished, right? We wanted to see a guy succeed that a lot of people would not have given a chance simply due to his past indiscretions. He gave a song and dance that was believable, but was later shown to be only a partial truth (good con men always use some truth in their lies). He's definitely made it even harder on ExCons trying to do the right thing, simply because it doesn't matter how believable they might be, most of us will remember the Hyman/Kerodin debacle, and just say no. I wonder what Glenn Beck would think of the monster he helped to create, considering a lot of us thought he would have been properly vetted before being allowed to push his crap on that show. I know I gave him way too much credit, simply because Beck had him on his show. As to Cav Medic, I wonder if he realizes that when he's done with Hyman/Kerodin's shit, and ejects, (everyone always does, a thinking/rational person can only take so much BS) Hyman will immediately call him a coward, a member of the Free Shit Army (I'm guessing he was mil, but who knows, maybe he just likes the moniker), and maybe even an enemy of liberty.

J Bogan said...

Cavmedic, and others, here is the thing, or at least how I see it. If the Hyman/Kerodin thing was an honest endeavor, they would have pulled the records, and simply said, here, this is what came in, this is where it went out, sorry, there was not enough to achieve success. Pretty simple. Here, I tried, it failed, so fuck off, at least I tried. Not the desired result maybe, but honest and pretty much non refutable.

Instead, there are pictures of a paypal account, and underhanded attacks... below the radar, designed to cause enough hurt to shut people up, nothing more. The only conclusion I can arrive at is that Ken Lane and others are right on target with what they are saying, and the Kerodin/Hyman positions are absolutely indefensible.Show me where I am wrong with that assessment. I don't mean some screaming psychotic attack either, but calmly and honestly show me another interpretation of the facts that are in the public realm.

Angel eyes said...

I really don't know all the players in this here drama except for Ken. Started following the blog when CGD adopted his crusty ass. All I know is I hate to see a fellow Californian, (Hell, we're both united in THAT struggle) have to defend himself in court for essentially hurting somebody's feelings. I hope my meager contribution helps out.
I don't know why David Allen Coe comes to mind-"If that ain't country, you can kiss my ass"

Keith Pearson said...

Miss Lisa, I'm guessing I speak for a number of people when I say that this wasn't just an attack on Kenny, it was an attack on you as well. Lots of us respect and enjoy him, and the fact that you put up with him makes you part of the rather extended family as well. You guys need more, just say the word, and don't think a thing about it. People were already fed up with those two, and legal BS games against y'all are just beyond the pale. And yeah, sign me up with those who think it at least possible they're 'working off' some sort of charges for the feds. That's more common than a lot of people realize.

Volfram said...

Oi Cavmedic!

Just because you have to beg Daddy Bloomberg for cash if you want it doesn't mean honest people do!

woodweezel said...

Sent him a few bucks out today. He is a stand-up guy. We got to fight this little cheese dick Sam guy.

wirecutter said...

J Bogan - your last comment is absolutely correct, had he just given an explanation like that it would've been done and over with.

Miss Lisa - I love you so much.

Angel - Thank you again. I just got home and am afraid to check my paypal account. I really wish you would've pulled the post though. I hate puttin' folks out.

hiswiserangel said...

Wirecutter, 1) you're welcome, 2) you're not putting anyone out, 3) pulled or not, people who want to send you money will send you money. They don't need a post on my blog to find out where or how to send it.

Suck it up, buttercup, people like you and Miss Lisa are rare in the world. We'd kinda like to keep you around happy and healthy.

Anonymous said...

How many dupes are paying the Kerodin's legal fees?

Keith Pearson said...

Kenny, if people are put out/can't swing it, they won't/can't. Those who are, just let us. Family does that sorta thing. And don't blame the ginger for me, at least. I checked your site first yesterday, threw a few at you. Right thing to do. Didn't know Angel had a post on it until your thank you mentioning it. People care about y'all, and many have a direct interest in dealing with this assmunch. You have enough stress about this right now, let your family take at least that one off your shoulders. Oh yeah, I'll second the idea of ponying up for a countersuit, just for Discovery. Who knows, might get some confirmation on what many have considered, RE working off some charges for the .gov.

tayronachan said...

So it's confirmed then? Kerodins = poison, and they are more than likely being used by the feds to pull in "loose cannons" to setup.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, "Holly & Sam" have done more harm to themselves WITH THIS ONE ACT, than all of us could have done together. Stupid and evil don't begin to cover those two. This reminds me of a diagnosis by an ER nurse named Echo Herron that someone was; "Too stupid to live". The thing that astonishes me is that the FBI actually thought that this would bring out enough "hate mail" for mass arrests and search warrents. The thing they didn't anticipate was that the "terrorist's " in the III% wouldn't play that game. Well no matter. The "Kerodins" have shot the whole of "Operation III%" in the ass in one move and effectively taken themselves out of the game. Well the internet is covered in FBI "intel-opp's" and the feds will have another "sam&holly" show up and running in no time. I wonder who will fall for the next one? ---Ray

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to hear of the trouble coming that mother fucker's way.
Cavmedic you piece of shit, you will get yours too. -55six

wirecutter said...

Cavmedic's got his nose so far up Sammy's ass that he won't be able to see your comment.
Actually, if you look at Cavmedic's words and writing style, you'll see that he IS Sammy. I will say it again - Sammy is Cavmedic.

hiswiserangel said...

Will the REAL Cavmedic please stand up?
Kind of wondered about that from the exchange between him and Miller.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same cavmedic that has posted at WRSA for years? Or did he go away and Sam or whoever this is assumed his name?

Anyway, people are seeing through the smoke Kenny.

TY Angel for keeping the pressure on.-55six

Anonymous said...

San started the "cavmedic" thing over at Brock Townsend's blog. Guess he was trying to come off as a "veturn". Go look it up in the archive. Some real loop de loop bull shit.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I will.

has anyone heard whether Bill Nye is still is that camp? -55six

JC Dodge said...

Here's a few quotes from Hyman that might tell you why "CavMedic" is a handle he might use.
"When I was a kid, and I mean at 8 years old, I knew I wanted to join the US Army, volunteer for the Green Berets, go to Fort Sam Houston and train to be an A-Team MEDIC"
"I was eager to get to boot and start my process of earning that Beret. Given the open MOS slots that day and my inability to wait, I signed on as a CAV SCOUT. I was told I could change MOS when a better one opened up." I guess these are more "breadcrumbs" he's left us huh? LOL

JC Dodge said...

This is actually some pretty funny shit. If Hyman is CavMedic, and he said this over at the "Thanksgiving" post here

"Right, you pulled the wirecutter
'titty Tuesday,' T&A idiocy, defense
fund post because the "goal was reached
in less than 24 hours."
Your defense fund post was online barely
a few hours.


November 27, 2015 at 9:26 AM"

What was it he said
"Heh, If you don't like me and still watch everything I do... Bitch, you're a fan."
Apparently, he's a fan of mine. I'm still waiting for him to issue one of his "Meet me" challenges (I got his "Newspaper Ninja/Justice Journalism" side). Alas, he only gives physical challenges to those he doesn't fear, and he had his chance when he was only an hour away (when he was supposedly manipulating me off of the Board LOL). He ran off to Idaho and left a "Caper rich" environment. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is JC, he has still a few people who seemingly will defend him at all costs. Either they are completely snowed or they are just as much a coward and con as he is.-55six

JC Dodge said...

55six, Apparently Bill Nye says He "has yet to see any concrete proof to the claims, rumor, and slander" LOL

Anonymous said...

Can someone post a link to his lawyer? That way I can send defense funds to him directly.

Anonymous said...

JC, I don't know how 'Hyman' is
other than the one that is broken
when a girl starts fucking (or does
lots of gymnastics or riding horses).
Moreover, you are certainly an idiot
for supposedly being a quiet professional
(at Ranger and above).
The blogging nickname means only that
my last assignment as a medic was with
a Cav Unit.
You know, Fiddler's Green and all the Unit
tradition shit.
As for you, -55dick, it takes a piece of
shit to know a piece of shit.
You know, like minded shitbags flocking
together and all that.
Moreover, since you like to threaten
people who have done nothing but voice
an opinion you don't like, I would be more than happy to get
within knuckle-scraping distance of you.

cavmedic68whiskey: not Kerodin, your mom's Hyman, or
whatever dumb as dogshit incorrect guess you make.