Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanks Giving

Got an email from Ken this morning before he went to work asking me to pull the Wirecutter Defense Fund post, and asking me to thank all my readers who were so generous that he hit his goal in less than 24 hours. Big or small, $5 or $500, the key is "Many hands make light work". When we all pull together, we can move mountains, or stop a petty narcissistic dictator and his paranoid wife.

I will, out of respect for Ken's wishes, pull the post. I will not, out of respect for you, tell you what to do. If you wish to continue to donate, and possibly encourage him to counter-sue, I ain't gonna stop you. I'd love to see the Kerodins have to open their books for the court.

Anyway, this is my Thanks for all the Giving. You folks rock!


Anonymous said...

That is great news and Ken again demonstrates the man he is by not taking advantage of folks generosity.

This also demonstrates how big the real III (and silent III) is and what happens if you even nudge the sleeping giant.

I do however disagree with the decision to pull the post, turn off the request for help by all means once Ken said to, but the original post should be part of the continuing public record of crap coming out of Idaho that taints the entire III.

Folks doing web searches should be able to get both sides of the story of what is going on in Idaho, not just the full court pr job the kerodins are trying to maintain.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Right, you pulled the wirecutter
'titty Tuesday,' T&A idiocy, defense
fund post because the "goal was reached
in less than 24 hours."
Your defense fund post was online barely
a few hours.


hiswiserangel said...

Cavmedic, the post went on yesterday morning around eight and came off this morning around 7. Maybe not 24 hours exactly, but damned close.

And wirecutter doesn't do Titty Tuesday, he does Milfy Monday, get it straight.

Volfram said...

The later post has 39 comments, so I'm gonna try and keep this one from getting lost in the crowd.

Hey Wirecutter, I didn't contribute anything but words last time, but if you open up another fund for a countersuit, I'll drop cash on that.

Start a Cavmedic whine-a-thon. He keeps whining, I'll keep donating.