Friday, December 25, 2015

Not very Christmassy, but there it is


Pawpaw said...

It has been my experience that when one cracks a bottle of Jack, they should be aware that a headache lurks in the last half-inch of the bottle.

Merry Christmas, Angel.

Gerald said...

Merry Christmas Angel and the chicks
God Bless you all

Lisa Lane said...

Hey friend...just pour six shots, line em up, drink em down, take a sip a water, sit back, take a deep breath, put on some good music, and let it go to your will be good in 30 like a charm! Merry Christmas to you and the Cute Chicks and Maxaroni! I wish I was a fairy so I could make all your dreams come true. Love to you all!

stevierayv said...

It ain't there I've been to hundreds of bottoms too

pigpen51 said...

I always was taught to finish what you started. Although in this case, it might be better if you finish it in small doses, mixed with a little pure water.
Either way, I wish you a great Christmas night and a wonderful weekend.

Bill Horvat said...

Amen Sister!

skybill said...

Hi Angel,
"Jack," "Jim," it matters not who's name is on the bottle!! Grandpaw had a way of understandin'!! If it was a good jug, he put an' "X" on it. If the next jug was better, 2 "X's" were inscribed. The most I ever saw he had put on a jug were 4 "X's!!!" Uncorkin' the jug and pourin' a shot glass full, I learned the meanin' of the term,"White Lightnin'"
Got Whiskey....OUTLAW!!!!!,