Sunday, December 27, 2015

Some days are just golden

Got this in an email from wirecutter. He said I could share it with y'all:

"I'm blasting down 580 this morning after getting off work early and in the slow lane I see a Jeep Cherokee in the slow lane with out of state plates. As I get closer I see that they're Idaho plates and I go "Hmmm, didn't Sensitive Holly say in her restraining order exhibits that her and Sammy Sharpton drive a jeep?" 
As I pull up even with it I can see it ain't Sammy - for one thing the guy can see above the dash. Actually, it's a young guy driving and when he notices me looking at him he glances up and then does a double take, gets a big smile on his face and waves at me. I waved back thinking "Cool, I actually ran into a reader today" and pulled up and then settled into the slow lane to get off on 132  a couple miles up and as I check my mirror I see the Idaho guy pull out and then get next to me, matching my speed and gesturing for me to roll down my window. As soon as I did, he leans across his cab and yells "FUCK SAM KERODIN!!!" and then he laughs and pulls away, leaving me with a big smile on my face.
"Opera Non Verba"


WiscoDave said...

See. People DO know who Sammy is.

wirecutter said...

Yeah. He's the guy that TRIED to take my guns away.
He's the guy that TRIED to have JC fired.
The only thing he hasn't TRIED was to answer questions about other people's money that was entrusted to him.
That's how people know his name.

pigpen51 said...

Some things just have to be shared. Fantastic.

pdwalker said...

it's these little moments of joy that makes makes life wonderful.

Anonymous said...

now that is funny

anon ;-)

Anonymous said...

good to know you have friends....even if you don't know them.....

vaquero viejo